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Tat My Hole

Tat My Hole
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103 min

Tom Moore

    all models over 18    
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Archer Croft

Micah Martinez

Ryan Sebastian

Teddy Bryce

Micah Martinez initially visits the tattoo parlor in hopes of getting his shoulder tat filled in, but inked-up artists Teddy Bryce and Ryan Sebastian would rather fill each other with raw cock. Micah doesn’t seem to mind, though, and is soon bending over a nearby bench to get stuffed at both ends himself. The two artists take turns barebacking Micah’s juicy ass before using their hands to stuff and stretch his hungry hole even farther. The gaping customer then gets the A-list treatment as he lies down to experience Ryan’s wrist deep inside him and Teddy’s muscular ass grinding into his face. The two continue punching Micah’s insides in multiple positions until the horny bottom busts in his own hand and all over Ryan’s black leather work bench.
35  minutes
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It’s a slow day at the shop, so tattoo artists Teddy Bryce and Ryan Sebastian have decided that this is the perfect chance to bust out their holes and get fisted while still on the clock. Micah Martinez is more than happy to help the two inked-up perverts as he barebacks Teddy’s muscular bubble butt before Ryan fills his co-worker with his lubed hand. After blowing Teddy’s pierced cock, a naked Micah takes a turn fisting him while getting fucked from behind by Ryan’s raw hog. His hand still inside Teddy, Micah opens his mouth for Teddy’s load and looks back to witness Ryan pulling out of his ass and smothering his thick cheeks in steaming hot nut.
21  minutes
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Teddy Bryce has tattooed many people over the years, but he’s never come across someone quite like Archer Croft – a man who actually gets turned on by getting his skin inked. As Archer’s rock-hard, pierced cock begins jutting out of his shorts, Teddy can’t help but get distracted; he even obliges when Archer asks to pause the tattoo session for some oral. Archer sucks off Teddy in the middle of his store before the beefy tattoo artist drops to all-fours so Archer can rim and fist his hairy hole. As a gorgeously colored rosebud begins peeking out of Teddy’s wrecked asshole, Archer gives it a lick and toys with it until he’s ready to re-insert his lubed hand. Archer continues to punch Teddy’s insides until the ink-covered muscle hunk squirts out a sizeable load for Archer to clean up with his tongue.
26  minutes
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When tattoo artist Teddy Bryce discovers that his latest client is down to fuck in the middle of his shop, he drops to his knees for a mouthful of Archer Croft’s pierced dick. Hungry for more of Archer’s ink-covered body, Teddy buries his face between his round cheeks before grabbing some nearby lube and readying his hand to enter Archer’s hungry hole. The tattoo parlor is soon drowned in the overpowering sounds of Archer’s loud moans, as each of Teddy’s knuckles disappears inside of his stretched-out ass. Thick lube drips from Archer’s taint piercing as Teddy continues to obliterate his client in multiple positions until Archer is on his back and completely draining his oversized balls onto his own torso.
21  minutes
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You can go to just about any local tattoo parlor for everyday ink, but there’s only one place in town you can say ‘Tat My Hole’ and get this uniquely artful experience. Award-winning fetish director Tom Moore brings viewers inside the country’s horniest tattoo shop with four hunks who aren’t afraid to cover their cheeks in ink and fill them with each other’s fists. On a particularly slow day, Micah Martinez is arriving for his appointment with Ryan Sebastian, but instead of getting his shoulder tattoo filled in, his ass is gets filled, fucked and fisted by the artist and his co-worker, Teddy Bryce. Micah repays the men by stuffing Teddy full of his bareback cock and lubed hand until each of them is busting fat loads in the middle of the parlor. Later that week, Teddy Bryce is meeting new client Archer Croft for the first time and quickly discovers that this hot stud actually gets turned on while he’s being tattooed. Only minutes into the appointment, Archer’s pierced cock is escaping his shorts – while he makes moves to destroy the artist’s hole and get a taste of his bright-red rosebud. Not wanting to leave without getting stretched out himself, Archer gets into position for the beefy tattooed hunk to have a go at his ass and obliterate his backside until he’s fully drained and left covered in cum.

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