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The Intern

The Intern
Lucas Entertainment
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124 min

Tony Dimarco

    all models over 18    
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Ben Andrews

Christian Cruz

Derrick Hanson

Jason Ridge

Jimmy (f)

Jonathan Vargas

Matt Cole

Michael Lucas

Ray Star

Zack Randall

With his totally "uncool" attire and wide-rimmed glasses, nerdy Benny (Lucas exclusive Ben Andrews) makes his way through the busy streets of New York City to the office of gay porn company Trojan Studios, where he wants to apply in person for an internship. Ben is mistakenly herded into a porn star casting call conducted by super-diva boss Alexander Mann (Michael Lucas) when all he really came for was the office internship. Sassy assistant Christian (Lucas exclusive Christian Cruz) apologizes for the mix-up and hires Benny on the spot.

Benny`s first day on the job finds him getting coffee and assisting on a chaotic shoot between two hot models (Lucas exclusive Jonathan Vargas and hottie Jason Ridge). Alexander directs the cheesy dialogue and hot sex, which features the two models sucking each other`s huge dicks, flip-flop fucking, and taking on a huge black double-headed dildo. During the filming, Christian is shocked to notice a giant bulge forming in Ben`s pants.

23  minutes
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Back in the company stockroom, two beefy straight dudes (Jimmy and Zack Randall) are busy talking pussy while stacking boxes of Liquid Spanish Fly. Theya box, and as they clean up the green gooey mess, a strange urge brews between them… and before they know it they`re making out, sucking cock, licking ass, and fucking. Jimmy`s big uncut member drills Zack on the table top, and Zack discovers a talent for sucking his own dick while sucking Jimmy`s at the same time.
21  minutes
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The office gets a huge box delivered by hunky delivery guy Massimo (Matt Cole). Alexander (Michael Lucas) is pissed to hear that it is the oversized prototype for his dildo. Massimo sticks around for the signature and reveals to Alexander his ambition to be a porn star. Alexander auditions him on the office table with a heavy suck and fuck session that includes a "helicopter" spin. They negotiate an exclusive model contract right before their nuts burst in orgasm.
20  minutes
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While Benny (Lucas exclusive Ben Andrews) daydreams about smashing a pie in Alexander`s face, assistant Christian (Lucas exclusive Christian Cruz) "accidentally" spills water on Benny`s crotch. It`s a ploy to see what`s really in Benny`s pants, and Christian finds out in the office utility bathroom, revealing the size queen`s dream: the biggest dick he has ever seen! He sucks on the huge uncut shaft like a pro before whipping out a "You Gotta Be Kidding"-sized condom to get fucked around the room. Christian then eats the cum up!
18  minutes
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Christian tells Alexander the scoop, and Alexander has a chat with Benny (Lucas exclusive Ben Andrews) before casting him in his first scene as Ben Hardwick! Ben plays "whose is bigger" in the scene opposite a hot model (Derrick Hanson), who drops his ruler in shock at Ben`s massive endowment. The crew is in shock as Ben uses his tool to give Derrick a good drilling… and a new porn super-stud is born!
26  minutes
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BONUS SEX SCENE: The horny night editor (Lucas exclusive Ray Star) gets a much-needed late night visit from assistant Christian (Lucas exclusive Christian Cruz). The two suck and fuck in multiple positions, with the night editor pounding Christian with his big uncut cock before pulling out to cum in his gaping mouth.
16  minutes
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Going on coffee runs, copying documents, answering phones, typing emails... and stocking up on lube? When you`re an intern at a gay adult entertainment company, it`s all in a day`s work. Lucas Entertainment exclusive Ben Andrews stars in the sex comedy "The Intern," where Botox-injecting bosses (Michael Lucas), sassy assistants (new Lucas exclusive Christian Cruz), and beefy delivery men (Matt Cole) abound. "Ugly" Benny maneuvers his way through the wacky, sexy offices of Trojan Studios, but his co-workers soon discover he may have a "bigger" talent in his pants. Also starring Lucas exclusives Jonathan Vargas and Ray Star, plus Derrick Hanson, Jason Ridge, Jimmy, and Zack Randall. Written and Directed by Tony Dimarco.

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