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Tight Holes For Bare Dicks

Tight Holes For Bare Dicks
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76 min

Falk Lux

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Florian Mraz

Jerome James

Nathan Levi

Peter Lipnik

Drako Brice

Secret bareback fuck buddies Nathan Levi and Peter Lipnik are meeting on the down-low, trying to keep things quiet when Nathan arrives to drive his big uncut cock into that bareback muscle bottom ass. Jock hunk Peter has been craving that big dick for days and he can`t wait to get his lips around that schlong, sucking his pal and slurping his inches. Peter`s own gorgeous intact dick is revealed for handsome and lean Nathan to taste but the young man can`t stick to the dick and targets the big guy`s tight hole too, rimming his friend to prep that butt for his boner to ease inside. Peter doesn`t need much convincing to slide his hole down on that dong, riding Nathan`s prick and wanking himself off, then getting that shaft from behind. With Nathan`s cum splashing out over his crotch and dripping down into his well-used hole the bareback muscle bottom can`t stop his own cock from spewing hot lava, splashing his ball juice up his incredible body! Their cum loads arrived just in time, they`re almost caught in the act.
20  minutes
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No movie released in the last hundred years could possibly be more entertaining than a hard length of uncut bareback teen cock, but it seems these two horny friends know it. Cedric and Evan are quickly abandoning the notion of working through a collection of top twenty movies when the offer of dick is made, the boys are soon making out and revealing their uncut teen dicks. Cute boy Cedric is quickly in control, feeding his hungry friend his hard boner, drooling precum into his mouth, playing with the boy`s tight little hole and aiming his naked bareback Latino boy cock at his friend`s snug little pucker. He eases inside, fucking his friend from behind with long strokes while Evan savors the sensation and wanks himself off, enjoying the feel of his buddy`s bare length prodding his prostate. Flipped onto his back Evan gets it even deeper, moaning and groaning while Cedric uses his hole for his own raw pleasure, finally pulling out and splashing the boy`s taint and ass with his fresh cum, fucking his juices right back into his friend`s well-used pucker
15  minutes
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With his hard teenage cock in his stroking hand young Florian Mraz is far too distracted by his own pleasure to notice when his friend Jerome James arrives at his door. The new arrival is shocked to find his buddy jerking off, but it`s an opportunity he just can`t miss. Inviting himself in he soon gets the permission of his horny friend to have a play, grabbing Florian`s eager dick and wanking him, sucking his helmet and tasting his wet tip. His own boner is already throbbing in his pants when Florian releases it for a taste in return, gobbling his friend`s boner and checking out the boy`s ass. Jerome might not have had his tight little butt hole fucked before but there`s a first time for everything. With his ass on show through his jock strap style undies he gets his pucker licked by his eager pal, but it`s soon stuffed with bareback teen cock. Florian drives in deep from behind, then gives his friend a ride on his naked length before Jerome goes in for a taste of the dick that`s just fucked him. With a little more spit to ease that passage Florian sinks his boner back in to take his friend to a cum eruption, leaving Jerome splashed with their combined cum wads. They must agree that it was better than jerking off alone.
16  minutes
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Colin craves some raw Latino cock up his snug hole, and his sexy friend Italo is more than happy to give his friend what he wants. With a little making out that uncut boner is revealed for Colin to taste, wet and glistening, the skin back and the helmet leaking delicious precum for the boy to taste. After feasting on his friends knob Colin gets his own pale shaft out for a little of the same, with cute boy Italo not holding back in his appreciation of that pecker. The bottom boy`s balls are heavy and full, but they won`t be loaded with cum for much longer. Italo aims his naked shaft at the boy`s hole and eases inside, holding Colin`s legs up and humping his naked inches in and out of the boy`s pucker. He loves the feel of a hard cock up his tight twink bottom, but it`s the sensation of being fucked from behind while he strokes his dick hat finally gets his cream spewing free. His long boner pumps hot thick boy juice while Italo eases in and out of his twitching opening, the feel of the boy`s orgasm making his own raw uncut cock convulse as he pulls out to splash his load.
16  minutes
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Drako is a city kid from Berlin, who loves to party and get to know people. He has a slim, gorgeous body and a fat juicy cock. Being passive only, he has obtained a small dildo collection, for the rare occasions he can’t find someone to fill his juicy hole. For our viewing pleasure, he shows us what he likes to do with his two favourite dildos ...
8  minutes
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Whether experienced or innocent, these tight young butts are craving raw cock and their friends are eager to slide in. Watch the greedy boys tasting hard boners, swapping their shafts and salivating over each other`s knobs until those bareback bottoms are ready for filling. The boys submit to the ultimate pleasure as wet inches of manly muscle ease in and out of their quivering puckers, finishing with gushing loads of creamy goodness.

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