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Tongue in Cheek

Tongue in Cheek
Raging Stallion
  • 3-Way
  • Anal Sex
  • Bareback
  • Kissing
  • Oral Sex
  • Outdoor Sex
  • Rimming
202 min

Ben Rush, Steve Cruz

    all models over 18    
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Andre Bedford

Beau Butler

Bruce Jones

Cole Connor

Danny Starr

Derek Kage

Greg Dixxon

Lawson James

Morgxn Thicke

Timothy Chance

As production assistant Cole Connor gets Morgxn Thicke ready for his photo shoot, his hands end up exploring every inch of the model’s muscular build. The moment the session wraps, the sexual tension between the two hunks is off the charts as Cole drops down to suck off the bodybuilder’s curved cock. Wearing only a harness and black boots, Morgxn takes a seat on a nearby Fort Troff rim chair to give Cole’s eager tongue easier access to his furry slit. With his big bushy dick now stiff as a brick, Morgxn buries himself between Cole’s cheeks and begins ramming his ass across the empty studio. The production assistant moans at every bareback thrust and, after several positions, finds himself on his back, drained and eating up Morgxn’s fresh load.
33  minutes
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Some playful splashing in the pool between Danny Starr and Andre Bedford quickly leads to the two tattooed hotties exploring each other’s bodies and breaking open an ice-cold soda to cool off from the scorching California sun. Now with the bottle empty, Danny rims Andre poolside and uses his makeshift glass dildo to begin fucking Andre’s tight slit. After oiling up Andre’s ass and taking a lick of the glass that was just deep inside Andre’s tight fuck hole, Danny moves indoors to continue dominating his swim buddy’s wet cheeks. First, Andre goes for a ride on Danny’s big bareback dick before dropping to his knees to get railed from behind. Now on his back, Andre is covering his own abs in his nut until his muscle-fucker top pulls out to cover Andre’s meaty ballsack in his creamy ropes
42  minutes
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There’s nothing Derek Kage enjoys more than the sight of a shirtless Greg Dixxon breaking a sweat while doing some serious mechanical work on his truck. After exchanging a few knowing glances with his customer, the mechanic adjusts his jumpsuit so Derek can eat out his muscle daddy ass in the middle of the garage. Derek then begins using his big dick to fuck Greg against his vehicle – but not before sliding a few fingers and a nearby socket wrench into Greg’s delicious hole. The versatile auto technician returns the favor by rimming Derek in the bed of his ride and toying with his ass until he’s ready to mount him and stuff Derek full of bareback daddy cock. Soon, Derek is moaning as a flip-fucking Greg blasts and breeds his insides. Once he’s finished watching the cum drip out of Derek’s used hole, Greg drops down to have Derek deliver a creamy facial that leaves him smothered in hot seed.
44  minutes
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Timothy Chance is in the middle of a busy shopping day at the local mall when he accidentally walks in on Bruce Jones taking a piss in the men’s room. Bruce doesn’t seem to mind the intrusion, though, and even welcomes the bearded stranger to join him. Timothy starts off the risky public play by swallowing Bruce`s cock and turning him around to rim his hot pink hole. Bruce does the same and, after taking his tongue to Timothy’s beefy ass, uses his bareback meat to fuck and fill the horny shopper as each watches himself in the restroom mirror. The hookup then turns into a versatile flip-fuck as Timothy props himself against the toilet and lets Bruce take a ride on his fat, hairy dick. Now leaning against the wall, Bruce feels Timothy pulling out to cover his ass in cum before he himself turns around to nut into the Timothy’s open mouth. All you can eat, indeed!
39  minutes
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Beau Butler, Lawson James and Morgxn Thicke are supposed to be emptying out their boss’ storage unit, but Beau would rather spend his afternoon rubbing down the hairy muscles of bearded daddy Lawson. Morgxn quickly joins in on the public threeway as he and Lawson break out their big dicks for Beau to suck off. With their cocks pulsing and ready to smash some hole, the two prepare Beau by rimming his hairy, tan-lined ass. Once he’s ready for an outdoor pounding, the two spit-roast him with Morgxn being the first to bareback the beefcake bottom. After Lawson gets a go at Beau’s hole, Morgxn dips his dick into Lawson’s muscular cakes before going back to fucking Beau and covering his ass in creamy jizz. The other two quickly follow, with Lawson spilling his seed on the ground and Beau feeding his load to Lawson. Talk about eating high on the hog!
43  minutes
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Want a taste? Acclaimed directing duo Steve Cruz and Ben Rush invite you to reimagine the phrase ‘Tongue In Cheek’ with an all-you-can-eat "buttfet" featuring the hottest men of Raging Stallion. First on the menu is the marvelously muscular ass of model Morgxn Thicke. The moment his provocative photoshoot ends, production assistant Cole Connor is sliding under one of Fort Troff’s spectacular rim chairs to go to town on the ripped hunk’s invitingly hairy hole. Next, inked-up hunk Danny Starr is having some friendly fun in the pool when he decides to fuck Andre Bedford’s ass with his big dick – and an empty glass soda bottle. Over in Greg Dixxon’s garage, Derek Kage is interrupting some routine maintenance to take his cock and a handy socket wrench to the mechanic’s perfectly round cheeks. Just a couple of miles down the road, busy shopper Timothy Chance is at a high-end mall when he walks in on Bruce Jones pissing in the men’s room. Seizing the moment, Timothy pulls the bearded stranger into a public flip-fuck that leaves both hirsute hunks dripping and drained. Later, Beau Butler, Lawson James and Morgxn Thicke are supposed to be emptying out a storage unit for their boss but are instead emptying each other’s balls by rimming and fucking each other’s assholes while on the job. It’s a bareback, big dick ass-fest that encourages fans to eat with their mouths open!

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