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Top Floor Fuckers

Top Floor Fuckers
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93 min



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Alan Davis
Alex Morgan
Chris Denny
Jim Gannon
Luke Greer

Rick Palmer
Rob Banner
Ted Glenn
Zack Hood

A massive crush alert. We all luv those sexy French lads and Alex Morgan is a particularly tasty morsel, but this time he`s up against brand-spanking-new - Alan Davis and what a corker. Alan is a stunningly handsome, lithe, ripped, blue eyed boy-babe with a very big, uncut dick and very, very kissable lips. These hunks put each other through their paces and push each others beautiful hard bodies to the limits of pleasure. Alex can`t wait to suckle on that juicy joint, its a shower and grower. Its pulsating, hot length fills Alex`s hungry mouth as Alex cups his heavy bollocks ( just imaging the seeding his hole is gonna get). Those strong, long smooth legs are soon in the air as he offers up his twitching hole for the bareback length of man-meat - he cant wait to feel his hole stretching around the hot skin.
18  minutes
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Hot Tamale! And this time i`m lifting my gaze `above the waist` - just look at these two handsome lads, Alan Davis - wow those eyes those lips - made for kissing ( and the rest) and they get plenty of use today with these equally handsome boy-next-door Jim Gannon. These boys are young, hung and hormones raging, the jizz is gonna fly - in all the right places. Jim is an eager beaver - down on his knees and sucking that juicy joint for all he`s worth and sexy Alan is loving the skill and the enthusiasm, this boy knows how to suck a dick ( and its whopper what a yummy piece of uncut meat). Jim can`t wait to feel his fuck-chute stretching to accommodate this bareback, uncut monster and he takes it like a man! Just watch these young bucks fuck and Jim is pushing back for every hot inch!
19  minutes
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Rick Palmer is back, our insatiable, cock `n` cum hungry sub boy just can`t get enough raw dick up his fuck-hole. This cute floppy fringed hottie is revved up and ready so we`ve pitted him against big, burly bastard Chris Denny - lets see if Rick can take it like man! Rick is on his knees before you can say ` cum dumpster`, sucking that juicy uncut joint for all he`s worth and sexy Chris is all in proportion as wide as he is tall as he is HUNG - and of course uncircumcised- we know you gents like a foreskin to get your tongue under!! Rick is on his back, legs akimbo, having the breath crushed out of him even as Chris is fucking the jizz out of his balls. These lads like it hot n sticky!!
18  minutes
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Its all go at uknm towers as we keep on serving up that hot, tender, rigid meat and this week it is in the very satisfying form of Ted Glenn our burly little boxer and hungry sub bottom, as he takes on the tall, dark handsome and hung - Luke Geer. Hubba Hubba. These over sexed lads haven`t been getting much dick during confinement so now things have loosened up its time to let these boys loose, theres a hell out of a lot of jizz in this groaning, heavy bollocks and these guys are gonna send it squirting for you. They get straight down and stripped off, shedding clothes as they go, There`s some hungry, thirsty tongue action as Ted suckles on that juicy joint then when he`s got in good and spit slick, he`d bending over begging to get his arse, stretched and ploughed for the first time in months, this boy is begging for raw dick and Luke luvs delivering a bareback load, lets see where he`s gonna squirt this daddy-load of steaming spunk!
20  minutes
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Hows that confinement coming along, at least spring is here and there are worse situations than being locked up with Zack Hood and Rob Banner, ay yi yi. Its been a while since we`ve seen, largely straight, (largely, but we`re thinking not `completely`) Rob`s eyes were out on stalks - but thats not the only stalk in the room. These overly hung studs couldn`t wait to strip off and suck each other`s throbbing pork-joints. Then Zack bends his cum-dumpster-whote-boy over and just slides that stiff, uncut rod right up in there. Rob takes it like a pro, this lad just luvs uncircumcised, bareback dick - and we make sure he gets a lot of it! Our power bottom - Rob, then gets them lithe legs up and for his ultimate satisfaction he straddles Zacks beefy thighs and rides that dick like a randy cow poke. this boy was a husk when we finished with him. NOW wash your hands. x
18  minutes
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There is a room, there is a bed, there are pulsating cocks and hot willing hole, but there aint no condoms for this bareback fuckathon ! 9 stunning, hung, uncut guys + a top floor room + lots of foreskin + masculine passionate (minus the condoms) = its all bareback for these spunky hunks !

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