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Top Service
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Michael Lucas, Mr. Pam

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Al Carter

Alexander Garrett

Devin Adams

Diego Vena

Ridge Michaels

Sean Xavier

Derrick Vinyard
Matthew Rush
Michael Lucas
Valentin Petrov

Sean Xavier is a tall, lean black stud with a problem: his damn television just won’t work. While on the phone with a repairmen who gives him nothing but the runaround, hunky Latino stranger Alexander Garrett shows up at Sean’s house and offers some help. Luckily, the only problem is the power cable: it’s unplugged. Alexander inserts the cable into the wall socket, and when he looks back up Sean has his own power plug standing alert and ready for service. With a wide, gorgeous smile, Alexander pulls down Sean’s shorts, and his thick, massive black cock bounces out. The piece of meat vanishes down Alexander’s throat as he swallows and slurps on his reward for fixing Sean’s TV. ... More
41  minutes
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Popular gay pornstar Matthew Rush is vacationing in Florida, but his work ethic deserves applause. While relaxing, he’s still earning some cash on the side by giving massages to a select clientele of men, but when he receives an anonymous request, he’s curious to respond. He visits the address of his client, walks into the bedroom, and mounts the bed, only to discover another gay pornstar: Michael Lucas himself. The massage is forgotten as the two men deeply kiss and explore each others bodies with eager fingers and hands. ... More
39  minutes
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Pampered blond playboy Ridge Michaels loves nothing more than laying around in bed, having his every need taken care of - including having his pool cared for at all hours of the day. Foreign pool boy Valentin Petrov is a working stiff with a hot body and sweet face. Ridge doesn`t hesitate rolling out of bed and strutting around on the deck watching his servant labor away. Enticed, Valentin follows Ridge back inside his bedroom where be drops to his knees and starts sucking on his beautiful, thick, fair-skinned cock. ... More
38  minutes
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All Derrick Vinyard wants to do is have an easy phone conversation, but maintenance man Al Carter is making it impossible with his leaf blower. Derrick has no patience, and if Al needs to blow something, why doesn`t he make himself useful and put his mouth on Derrick`s cock and blow away! Derrick is intimidating, and Al isn`t one to turn away. He pulls down Derrick`s pants and boxers, and slowly inserts Derrick`s dick into his mouth. Derrick knows how he likes to have his dick sucked, and he`s verbal with Al as he works on him. Al certainly gives it his total effort, puckering his lips and opening up his throat. ... More
30  minutes
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Devin Adams is caring for the property around his apartment, and Diego Vena knows it. He`s spying on the young hottie as he waters the shrubs, sneaks up on him, and gets sprayed with water. Devin feels guilty, so he and Diego retreat into his home to clean up. They both strip their wet clothes off in Diego`s kitchen and start making out, and the two have never looked hotter. Diego gets down on his knees, yanks down Devin`s tight blue sports briefs, and starts sucking on the cutie`s hard cock. Devin has such a hot, frat-boy voice: listen to him as he says "yeah" over and over again as Diego works hard to please his fuck bud. They switch positions, with Diego leaning against the counter. ... More
29  minutes
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The hot, hard, and horny guys of Ft. Lauderdale expect the best Top Service the Sunshine State has to offer! There are plenty of pool boys, repairmen, and gardeners ready to work and sweat long and hard. Pornstars Michael Lucas and Matthew Rush have intense sex for the first time together. TV repairman Alexander Garret flip-fucks with Sean Xavier. Ridge Michaels services pool boy Valentin Petrov’s thick, uncut cock. Maintenance man Al Carter sucks and rides Derrick Vinyard’s dominant dick. Gardener Devin Adams and Diego Vena squirt loads of cum. The Top Service of Florida`s studs has never been so sexy.

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