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Top To Bottom - The Best Of Versatile Titanmen

Top To Bottom - The Best Of Versatile Titanmen
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168 min

Bruce Cam

    all models over 18    
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Francois Sagat

Jake Deckard

Jason Hawke

Jet Adler

Jon Galt

Kent Larson

Marcos David

Matthew Rush

Matthieu Costa

Michael Brandon

Tyler Boots

Victor Rios

Tober Brandt

Here’s a fantasy of role reversal that has stiff surprises with every well-lubricated turnabout of the action. Safecracker Tyler Boots drills his way into the vault and finds the guard already there—tied up and gagged, with a gold ingot hanging from his strangled balls and his uncut, dark chocolate hard-on sprouting up from his steamy crotch. Rios’ cocoa cheeks are split by the double wide mandrill that Boots bangs up his butt, and the overheated pair’s hot manjuice is suddenly vaulting into the air. Suddenly, Rios spins Boots over, and rams his cock passionately up Boot’s tight hole until another searing round of cum flies from the bottomed-out burglar.
33  minutes
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Nothing like a Honda Nighthawk throbbing between your thighs to work you up. Kent and Matthieu have barely pulled into the shed before going at each other with a man’s hunger. Kent’s all over Matthieu’s meaty pecs, and hangs oversized pony clamps on Matthieu’s huge nipples. The tools bang heavily against Matthieu’s hairy torso as he squats to devour Kent’s steely cock, and become tit-stretching pendulums when Kent bends him over to work his tongue into Matthieu’s steamy asshole. The handsome Frenchman gives in to Kent drilling his ass and smacking his butt cheeks raw. But soon his fat, uncut cock is stretching Kent’s exhaust pipe, and the muscular hog-rider hogs every inch he can get. With Matthieu’s fingers making the grand tour of Kent’s tight hole, both men’s pistons erupt in fountains of jizz.
28  minutes
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In RX, we meet for the first time TitanMen’s new exclusive, Marcos David. Seems Marcos has a bit of a problem -- the Latin stud`s rock-hard, uncut cock just won’t go down! Luckily, his attending physician, stacked hottie Jason Hawke will! Hawke tries examining Marcos` massive meat with all the tools of the trade: a stethoscope, a reflex hammer -- he even cuffs Marcos’ shiny, pulsing rod in a sphygmomanometer and checks its pressure! With no instruments left with which to tinker -- besides his own rock hard man meat -- the horny doctor decides to give Marcos a vigorous anal probing – all in the interest in science, of course. But even after a furious flip-flop fuck and a double loadblow, Marcos` monster cock remains determined, tall and rigid! What’s UP doc? Marcos’ cock!
33  minutes
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Therapist Jake Deckard can only listen to so much before enduring the explosive side effects of his client’s tales, and suddenly sticks his giant gutstick in Tober’s face. Their ravaging forty-five minute tear-up is a punch in the gut rivaling anything on film. These incredibly masculine, built and brawny guys rage through an unforgettable flip-flopping, piss-drenched, sensational and sweaty sex bout. Hairy-chested Jake and mountainously-muscled Tober share a deep connection that heightens the deep-ass rimming and throat-gagging cocksucking. Jake pisses a high arcing fountain across Tober, drenching his head and face. He’s so overheated he sprays his cum across Tober’s bathed body. Hardly pausing for breath, he pulls a condom onto his ever-stiff ramrod, and sluices Tober’s giant buns so deep the big man bawls like a baby. Tober worships Jake’s furry ass, licking deep into its tongue-clenching, moist darkness. Then he crams it full of his fat cock, slowly grinding that ass-stretcher deep within. He pulls out, loosening an unending stream of piss across Jake, then plunges his detonator dick back in Jake’s steaming honey hole and plows ’til they both explode. Tober anoints Jake’s piss and sweatdrenched body with cum, and Jake’s cock spurts yard long ropes over his shoulder. “Session’s over,” he gasps.
45  minutes
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Temporarily avoiding capture, Scott spies out several bounty studs securing more than the surrounding area. While standing on a log in an open field, Michael Brandon unleashes his 12” dick for sexy John Galt. Tautly muscled and dark haired Galt proves that he can skin as well as track his prey. The two hunters flip-flop fuck with reckless abandon drawing the attention of fellow hunter Jett Adler with the sounds of their pleasure. Overcome by their rutting, scruff-faced Adler lays his rifle against a tree and beats his own meat to climax. In the background, Scott lifts the rifle and slips undetected back into the rolling hills as the hunters shoot.
30  minutes
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Top to Bottom presents the very best versatile TitanMen. Hot, hairy and handsome men fucking and getting fucked. Six hardcore scenes of the very best in flip-flop fucking TitanMen are sure to pop your load! Hand-picked scenes by Bruce Cam and Brian Mills feature the most iconic versatile men in the TitanMen vault: Francois Sagat, Jake Deckard, Tober Brandt, Matthew Rush, Michael Brandon, Kent Larson and more! Over 2 hours of the hottest TitanMen fucking and getting fucked! A true collector`s item for the connoisseur of masculine, muscular and versatile men.

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