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Tough Enough

Tough Enough
Fetish Force
  • 3-Way
  • Anal Sex
  • Bareback
  • Bondage
  • Dildo
  • Flogging
  • No Sex
  • Oral Sex
  • Paddling
  • Rimming
  • Sounding
89 min

Devin Franco, Jasun Mark

    all models over 18    
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Davin Strong

Devin Franco

Isaac X

Marco Napoli

Ryan Carter

When Marco Napoli and Ryan Carter stumble across Isaax X, the men decide they like what they see and that they just have to have a go at the harnessed stud right then and there. In no time, Isaac is face down, ass up with the two leather daddies using toys, tongues, and their burly hands to tease his exposed body. Marco and Ryan shift Isaac into every position imaginable before releasing their cocks for the dick pig to swallow. Isaac stuffs his mouth as the two rough tops rotate between feeding their meat to Isaac and rimming his smooth, sloppy hole. Once both men move to shoving themselves into his mouth, Isaac braces himself to swallow two fat loads as Marco and Ryan bust and breed their sub’s used throat.
25  minutes
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With his boot pressing on Isaac X’s hard cock and a sounding rod sliding deep in his dick, Ryan Carter is getting ready to team up with the hulking Marco Napoli to pound their sub’s hole. The two leather fuckers quickly bend Isaac over, grab him by the harness, and begin slamming their cocks into his hungry ass at full force. An insatiable Isaac begs to be pounded harder and harder by the men as they destroy his backside and use their brawny hands to slap his eager face. Being stuffed at both ends, Isaac opens his throat to accept Ryan’s load moments before shooting his own nut and letting Marco cum all over his ravaged ass.
18  minutes
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Bodybuilder Davin Strong just got caught taking a piss in public by officer Devin Franco, but the muscle man isn’t planning on going away in handcuffs. Instead, Davin grabs the cop by the collar and drags him to a secluded space where Devin can strip naked, invade Davin’s pits, and worship his bulging biceps. Now chained to a wall, a nearly naked Devin gasps as the stranger chows down on his hole and fills him up with his hairy cock. Devin’s own dick begins to slip out of his jockstrap as Davin continues pumping himself inside of his sweaty ass. A few more bareback thrusts has the strongman erupting deep inside of Devin and breeding his worn hole.
24  minutes
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After a failed attempt at arresting muscled-up pervert Davin Strong, officer Devin Franco finds himself naked and bent over a table as the bodybuilder explores his body. Davin towers over the exposed officer as he begins invading his round ass with his bulky digits and paddling it until it’s bright red. Ready to push Devin to his limit, Davin breaks out a massive black dildo, gags him with it, and even uses it to stretch out his hungry asshole before using his own cock to bareback him. The massive top uses all of his power to drill Devin’s hole until the policeman’s eyes are rushing to the back of his head. With a stranger’s cock in his ass and clamps on his nipples, Devin blows a fat load all over himself with Davin pulling out to shoot ropes only seconds later
22  minutes
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Are you ‘Tough Enough’ to handle this lair of throbbing cocks, fetish toys, and insatiable men? Directors Devin Franco, Jasun Mark, and this cast of five ravenous men are on a mission to find out as they invite you in, tie you down, and see just how much your hole can handle. Fetish fuckers Marco Napoli and Ryan Carter may have just met Isaac X, but they’re already on a mission to pin him down and breed his open throat. Still not done with him, the two bend Isaac X over to bareback his sloppy hole and destroy his open ass. Just outside, officer Devin Franco is trying to bust Davin Strong for indecent exposure, but the bodybuilder has other plans. Davin Strong grabs the policeman by his collar and drags him into the Meat Market where he’s stripped down, chained to a wall, and anally filled with some hairy cock. Now bent over a table, Devin Franco finds himself being paddled, gagging on a massive dildo, and getting fucked by the muscular stranger until he’s covered in a thick layer of fresh cum. It just goes to show that you have to be a certain type of man that’s ‘Tough Enough’ to handle this extreme level of cock, but these hardcore dick fiends seem to be up for the challenge.

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