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Tourist Trade

Tourist Trade
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111 min

Bruce Cam

    all models over 18    
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Alec Powers

Jack Simmons

Jackson Phillips

Jens Hammer

Scott Alexander

Scott Armstrong

Thom Barron

Christian Bar
Frederik Burdo
Jens Buttner
Pablo Eduan
Richie Foster
Sasha Vayn

Powerhouse Jack Simmons takes on the first German challenger, smooth tight-bodied skinhead Thom Barron. Thom goes to work on Jack`s monster meat, struggling valiantly to swallow it whole. Jack returns the favor and gives Thom`s formidable uncut cock an unforgettable oral servicing. Then it`s bottoms up as Jack ploughs Thom`s hungry ass every which way he can.
29  minutes
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All-American favorites, the dark-and-handsome Jackson Phillips and blond beauty Alec Powers, prove without a doubt that the American spirit is unsurpassable. This perfect pairing sparks a sizzling sexual charge. They work each other over outdoors in the snow, and then indoors, where Alec pummels Jackson`s muscular butt, first with his own tool and later with a dildo. Either way, Jackson never seems to get enough. Simply stated, these are trouble, in the best sense of the word.
18  minutes
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TITAN favorite, hot and wiry Scott Armstrong, gets a one-on-one German lesson from Jens Hammer and passes the oral exam with flying colors. From there, it`s on to more physical demands as each of these two hot men submit to the other`s throbbing cock in an acrobatic display of German-American cooperation.
17  minutes
Content & Stars...
Newcomers Frederik Burdo and Jens Buttner team up with a tender kiss outside in the snow that moves inside to the comfort of a barn full of hay. The two young men’s slender physiques complement each other. Both uncut, they soon make the most of one another’s foreskins. This scene will drive skin freaks crazy with all the foreskin worshipping and docking! As the action moves to an energetic fuck scene, the chemistry between the two of them is palpable.
14  minutes
Content & Stars...
Another set of German newcomers - dark, Arabic, Richie Foster gets the best of hard bodied, Italian Pablo Eduan. Richie’s huge cock is hungrily devoured by Pablo, who after much close inspection, invites Richie to his bedroom for a fierce fuck. Eager to drive his cock deep into Pablo, Richie throws him a mean fuck and then showers him with his appreciation.
9  minutes
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The climactic scene features a seven-man orgy. It starts with a winner-take-all dart game in an Austrian biergarten. You can be sure the dartboard isn`t all that gets nailed. The encounter escalates quickly into an awesome fuck fest that doesn`t relent until the last load is spent. The group chemistry in this scene is unsurpassed as everyone gets a lion`s share of the action. Jackson Phillips tops Scott Armstrong in a frenzied ass pounding that is destined to be a classic, while Jack Simmons shows Jens Hammer what American ingenuity is all about, giving the boyishly handsome German an intense probing with his monumental cock. The remaining German studs, Christian Bar and Sasha Vayn, show their outstanding hospitality by making their American guests feel right at home with some truly admirable physical gratification.
24  minutes
Content & Stars...
TOURIST TRADE is an epic 2 hour production shot entirely in the Bavarian Alps. Its six scenes star a multinational cast, with four TITAN favorites joined by a group of sex-crazed-and uncut--German and Italian men, including monster hung star Thom Barron. Powerhouse Jack Simmons takes on tight-bodied Barron, slamming the skinhead`s hungry ass with fury. Foreskin fanatics will go crazy with all the foreskin worshipping and docking of two uncut newcomers, while another set of German newcomers throw each other a mean fuck. Hot and wiry Scott Armstrong and Jens Hammer submit to each other`s throbbing cocks, and All-American favorites, wiry Jackson Phillips and blond beauty Alec Powers spark a sizzling sexual charge, with dildo and ass pummeling that rocks Jackson`s muscular butt. The climactic scene is an awesome seven man fuckfest in a Austrian biergarten, where the Germans learn what American ingenuity is all about, with frenzied rimming, ass-pounding, and splatter cum shots.

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