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246 min

Bruce Cam

    all models over 18    
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Andrew Addams

Bruce Warren

Dan Dirk

Dred Scott

Jett Adler

Jon Galt

Makos Servanos

Michael Brandon

Patrick Knight

Scott Parker

Tom Daniels

Temporarily avoiding capture, Scott spies out several bounty studs securing more than the surrounding area. While standing on a log in an open field, Michael Brandon unleashes his 12” dick for sexy John Galt. Tautly muscled and dark haired Galt proves that he can skin as well as track his prey. The two hunters flip-flop fuck with reckless abandon drawing the attention of fellow hunter Jett Adler with the sounds of their pleasure. Overcome by their rutting, scruff-faced Adler lays his rifle against a tree and beats his own meat to climax. In the background, Scott lifts the rifle and slips undetected back into the rolling hills as the hunters shoot.
34  minutes
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Continuing to make his escape, Scott spots handsome, auburn-haired ranchman Makos Servano mending fence beside his open-doored pick-up. Blond, hairy-chested Scott Parker approaches Servano and delivers his definition of an afternoon lunch in the summer sun. While those two are feeding one another, Scott sneaks up to the truck, removes a pair of bolt cutters, and heads out of sight. Unaware of what has happened, the two hunks reposition themselves on the bed of the truck for a rigorous ass-pounding engagement.... More
45  minutes
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Cautiously moving through the ranch, Scott spies Alexandros blowing Andrew Addams behind a water tank. Their energetic and creative play ultimately results in a switch-hitting fuck session. Both take enthusiastic turns bent over the haystack receiving hard ass slaps and probes. Scott slips by unnoticed.
33  minutes
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Splashing in the river nearby, two gorgeous hunks are cooling off from the summer’s heat, revealing every inch of their manhood to lurking eyes. Patrick Knight, a light-haired muscle man with a moby-sized dick, and his buddy Bruce Warren, a beautiful red headed southern-like man are building their own sexual heat with each other. Wild is enticed with double the meat. Knight and Warren take turns burying their thick rods into both eager ends of Wild – each man showing immense satisfaction.
36  minutes
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Unbeknownst to them, the determined Scott observes it all from a tree and swoops down to steal their civilian clothes. Noticing that Knight’s clothes are missing, the men radio back to the ranch for assistance. Gorgeously buffed, blond, all- American country boy Tom Daniels rides in on a horse with fresh clothes. Instead of using the clothes, both spirited studs Knight and Warren remove Daniels’ overalls to take advantage of his perfect round butt. The top hunks tag team and fuck him to a satisfying climax. His country boy’s ass was made for pumping!
25  minutes
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Later in the day, Knight spies Scott and demands the return of his clothes. A ruggedly stern Scott insists that if Knight wants his clothes back, he needs to remove them from his body. Scott raises his arms in confidence to lead Knight closer to him. The wrestling to regain what is his turns out to be a hardcore piston fuck by Scott. He drills Knight in every position his dick can slam. Knight, the once controlling dominant hunk goes bottom up as he craves Scott’s cock drilling session. Scott rides Knight’s muscular haunches with the pride of a lion and stares down the camera until firing off his explosive cum shot.
30  minutes
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As evening approaches, Scott encounters ranch foreman Dan Dirk and quickly turns the man into an enthusiastic boy by ruthlessly dominating and pounding his ass on a haystack. Not completely finished with him yet, a very relaxed Scott proceeds to fist him near an open fire pit. Dirk’s hole is truly inviting, welcoming Scott’s strong yet supportive hand. Independence never felt better.
43  minutes
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Just when you think the Titan guys can’t possibly pull it off again, they come through with Trespass, quite possibly the best Titan offering to date. Shot entirely in the sun-splashed outdoors, Trespass delivers everything you’ve come to love about Titan: Scorchingly hot men, stellar production, top-notch camerawork and a passion level that’s absolutely phenomenal.

The players run the gamut from lean and blonde to hairy and bearded to ripped and inked. Scott is the find of the century - a perfectly muscled, sneering, bald-headed bi-racial sex machine with an intimidating snake-like protuberance.


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