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Trick Fisting

Trick Fisting
Club Inferno
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126 min

Tom Moore

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Alex Killian

Brian Bonds

Drew Dixon

Sherman Maus

Tony Orlando

Brian Bonds finds affordable slut, Tony Orlando, living in a cardboard box. For twenty bucks, Tony gets on his knees and blows Brian`s growing cock. When Brian gets hard as a rock, he bends the dirty vagrant over to eat his ass. Tony admits to fucking about twenty guys earlier that day and Brian can taste their loads inside Tony`s ass. For a bit more money, Brian slips his cock inside Tony`s sloppy and used asshole and starts pounding away. Brian soon realizes that Tony is so loose that he can barely feel his thick cock inside him. Brian wants to see exactly how much Tony`s big gaping hole can take so he slips his fist inside and goes wrist deep. Tony takes is like the whore he is as Brian gives him an added bonus and shoves his cock inside next to his fist. Brian alternates between his cock and his hand pounding Tony`s hole until his rosebud pops. After a nice long fisting session, Tony blasts his massive load as Brian scoops it up and dumps it back into to Tony`s used up asshole.
17  minutes
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After getting his asshole blown out by Brian Bonds` thick fist, Tony Orlando crawls back in his cardboard box to suck Brian`s dick through the homemade glory hole. Tony brings Brian to the brink of cumming but abruptly stops so he can bust Brian`s hole. The dirty street whore warms Brian up by licking his ass and when he can tell that Brian is ready to go, Tony slides his fist all the way into Brian’s eager ass. Brian loves the feeling of Tony`s fist moving around inside his body pushing in and out and keeps begging for more. Brian takes control and tells Tony to lie back and lube up even more. Tony does as he`s told and Brian hops on to ride Tony`s clenched fist. After taking it as deep as he can, Brian rolls onto his back where Tony licks his rosebud and jacks his cock. Brian wants Tony`s fist one last time so Tony sticks it to him again as Brian`s cock erupts with jizz. Brian`s eyes are rolled all the way to the back of his head as Tony pulls out and fills Brian`s asshole with the fresh cum.
15  minutes
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Drew Dixon is fresh off a show as a stripper when he meets customer Alex Killian in the restroom. Alex can`t help but stare at Drew as he takes a leak. “I thought I just gave you a show, If you want more, it will cost you,” Drew explains. Alex agrees and hops in the stall before slipping a hundred bucks and his dick through the glory hole. Drew sucks him off and when Alex slips him another hundred, Drew opts in for more. Drew offers up his ass and to his surprise, Alex responds by sticking his fist through the hole in the wall. Since Alex is a paying customer, Drew happily slides back onto Alex`s clenched fist. Alex goes deep in the stripper before Drew coaxes him out of the stall. Alex comes around as Drew drops to the floor on his hands and knees. Alex gets his money`s worth by going wrist deep on the fisting slut. “You`re not done with me yet,” Drew commands and flips over onto his back. Alex helps Drew through the final ass stretching session and pumps his fist in and out of Drew`s busted hole until Drew spews cum everywhere.
21  minutes
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After blowing his load with a fist up his butt, Drew Dixon tells Alex Killian that it`s his turn to get stretched. Alex drops to his knees and sucks on Drew`s big hairy cock before offering up his ass for Drew to open with his tongue. Drew works Alex`s hole until he can feel that Alex is ready for his hand. Alex is almost drooling thinking of getting Drew inside of him and when Drew finally sticks his fist inside, Alex opens up to take him all the way in. Drew plows his new friend deep with a clenched fist as he twists and turns with each thrust. Drew wants to see Alex`s face as he shoves his hand inside so Alex lies back as the two lock eyes. Drew continues the session by plugging Alex. Going for maximum depth, Alex squats down on Drew`s closed fist and rides it getting even further. Drew keeps riding until his long dick spits jizz all over Drew`s fist. Alex hops off and bends over one last time. Drew shoves the money back in Alex’s asshole and says, “Who`s the fucking whore now?
24  minutes
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Drew Dixon and Sherman Maus are waiting on a trick that hasn’t showed. After waiting over an hour, they both decide that since they`re cleaned up and ready to go, they shouldn`t waste an opportunity for some fun. Drew gets down and sucks Sherman`s big hairy cock until he`s throbbing hard and ready to go. Sherman needs a taste of Drew and bends him over to eat his ass. When Drew is nice and opened up, Sherman shoves his cock into Drew`s loosening ass and pounds away. After rimming Drew`s ass for a while, Sherman is ready to pull out his fisting gear. The moment he feels Drew is ready, he swaps his dick for his fist. Sherman starts off with one fist and slowly introduces his second hand. He alternates fists in and out of Drew`s gaping hole in a long session where Drew moves to a few positions to get some different feelings of depth. Drew is ready to bust and lies back as Sherman continues alternating fists. Drew`s cock oozes cum as Sherman bends down to lap up the creamy mess.
24  minutes
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Drew Dixon takes a turn on his buddy, Sherman Maus. Sherman starts by sucking Drew`s big, uncut cock. As he gets sucked, Drew starts fingering Sherman`s soon-to-be-wrecked hole. The feeling of Sherman`s ass around his fingers makes Drew hungry for a taste. He bends the hunk over and slides his tongue deep inside, getting him revved up for what’s to come. Drew can`t hold off any longer and slides his cock deep into Sherman`s hole. He pounds away, getting faster and harder until he`s ready to plant his fists inside his buddy. Drew slides them in one at a time until Sherman`s hole is wide and sloppy. Drew alternates arms, punching Sherman`s ass with both hands until his rosebud blooms out. It`s a beautiful sight for Drew who picks up the pace to ass punch Sherman even harder. Drew gets wrist deep and continues the drilling as Sherman calls out for Drew to keep rocking his hole. With Drew stretching him wide, Sherman dumps a massive creamy load that Drew can`t resist cleaning up with his tongue.
25  minutes
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Tricks come in all forms, from street sluts to money-grubbing strippers, but they take on a new level of extreme when they’re ‘Trick Fisting’. Intense fetish director Tom Moore showcases five tricks who are willing to get their sloppy holes busted, as long as you`ve got the cash. Affordable slut, Tony Orlando, will do anything for a buck! When Brian Bonds comes knocking on Tony`s cardboard box, Tony offers up his holes for Brian’s cock and fist in exchange for some cash. After getting his hole blown out, Tony flips the script on Brian and annihilates his hole in return. Stripper Drew Dixon meets customer Alex Killian in the bathroom after his show where Alex slips Drew some money to take his fist. Drew bends over and takes Alex`s fist wrist deep until he blows his load everywhere. “Your turn,” Drew whispers to Alex as Alex bends over to get his ass blown out. Alex loves the reaming and drops his load before Drew shoves the money back in Alex`s asshole saying, “Who`s the fucking whore now?” Another client stands up Sherman Maus and Drew Dixon, so they decide to have their own fun. Drew lies back as Sherman alternates fists into his big sloppy hole. After getting stretched to the limits, Drew`s big cock oozes cum and Sherman laps it up with his hungry mouth. The studs switch it up and Sherman lies back to take a double fisting from Drew`s bulging fists. Sit back and let these whores put on a show with big hands and bigger holes for all the `Trick Fisting` you can handle.

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