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Truck Loads

Truck Loads
Raging Stallion
  • 3-Way
  • Anal Sex
  • Bareback
  • Oral Sex
  • Outdoor Sex
  • Rimming
133 min

Iza Elle

    all models over 18    
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Edward Terrant

Gabriel Clark

Markus Kage

Ryan Bones

Teddy Torres

Tony D`Angelo

Travis Connor

Windom Gold

When trucker Travis Connor pulls up late with his delivery for the burly Ryan Bones, he immediately drops to his knees to show his client why he was worth the wait. Still in the back of his truck, Travis gulps down his client’s cock and even lets Ryan have a taste of his throbbing dick before turning his muscular body around to be drilled raw. Ryan manhandles the meaty thighs, cheeks, and dick of the 6’3” truck driver as the horny bottom bounces up and down and is filed up by Ryan’s daddy dick all over his truck. Now leaning up against a lone dolly as his client delivers his final bareback pumps, Travis shoots his load on the floor with Ryan quickly pulling out to drench the driver’s fat cheeks seconds after.
26  minutes
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Young vagabond Edward Terrant is so desperate for somewhere to sleep that he’s offering up his hole to truck driver Teddy Torres for a chance to stay in his cabin. Teddy insists that he’s never been with another man before, but that doesn’t stop Edward from wrapping his mouth around the hairy trucker’s dick while the two are alone in the back of his truck. Intrigued, Teddy advances the hookup by rimming the boy’s smooth hole and burying his cock inside of him. The muscle daddy emits a series of deep groans while pounding and flipping Edward’s naked body into multiple positions. With Edward on his back and his legs in the air, the two men drain their balls all over Edward’s body just in time for Teddy to put his cock away and take a call from his wife.
25  minutes
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Burly truck drivers Markus Kage and Ryan Bones are enraged that Teddy Torres would waste their time by dragging them out to the middle of the woods and trying to sell them a piece of junk truck. To make up for his fuck up, the two bearded daddies bring Teddy to his knees and stuff his face with their firm slabs of meat. Markus lets out a brutal growl and is soon thrusting his bareback dick into Teddy’s hairy hole while Ryan fills the trucker fucker’s mouth. With Teddy’s fur-covered body draped over a pile of old ties, the two hulking tops continue using their girthy cocks to stuff him at both ends until the bottom is covering himself in his own cum. A drained Teddy then drops to his knees for his fellow truckers to stroke it out and shoot ropes all over his thick body hair.
26  minutes
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Tony D`Angelo knows that he only has to give one look to Travis Connor in this dimly lit truck stop restroom, and he’ll have the burly trucker on his knees and inhaling his cock. Sure enough, Travis goes to gag on the trucker’s hard dick before bending over the sink for Tony to rim his hole and spread open his muscular cheeks. Tony uses his full force to bareback Travis until he’s breeding the stranger and watching him push out his fresh load onto the restroom floor. Not done himself, Travis goes to his next venture and discovers youngster Edward Terrant jerking off in a nearby stall all by himself. Wasting no time, Edward begins wrapping his lips and hole around Travis’ long cock. The overpowering sounds of skin clapping filling up the dark public restroom as Travis blasts the insides of the truck stop whore only to pull out and admire his hot cum as it leaks out of Edward’s used hole.
26  minutes
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Exhausted truck drivers Markus Kage and Gabriel Clark are taking a much-needed break from the weeks of Freedom Convoy protests when they start chatting with Windom Gold about experimenting with guys while out on the road. The conversation sees their curiosities and cocks grow with both men soon allowing Windom to suck off their raw trucker cocks. Gabriel even tries swallowing some dick himself before moving down to Windom’s ass to rim and bareback his smooth hole. Without giving the bottom a break to breathe, both Gabriel and Markus fill up Windom at both ends as each rotates between his mouth and ass. Riding Markus’ hairy cock is finally what gets Windom to blow his load right before he drops to his knees and opens his mouth for the fresh cream of these straight strangers.
30  minutes
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Whether you’re a trucker fucker that’s lurking in a public restroom for some driver dick or just a guy on the road looking to put your cock in another man for the first time, these truck stops have enough ‘Truck Loads’ to go around. From acclaimed director Iza Elle, this bareback film follows eight men that are ready to hit the highway and fuck every available hole on their path. When trucker Travis Connor pulls up late with his delivery for burly daddy Ryan Bones, he immediately drops to his knees to show his client why he was worth the wait. At a truck stop down the road, young vagabond Edward Terrant is so desperate for somewhere to sleep that he’s offering up his hole to driver Teddy Torres for a chance to stay in his cabin. Teddy Torres just dragged hairy truck drivers Markus Kage and Ryan Bones to the middle of the woods for no reason, so to make up for wasting their time, he’s stripping naked to get stuffed at both ends. A quick exchanging of looks with Travis Connor in a dim truck stop restroom quickly leads to Tony D`Angelo pounding the trucker’s face, breeding his muscular ass, and leaving the second he’s finished watching his seed pour of his used hole. Still needing to bust a nut himself, Travis Connor finds Edward Terrant jerking off in a nearby stall and decides to blow ropes all over of the young traveler’s insides. While taking a break at the Freedom Convoy protests, Markus Kage and Gabriel Clark find themselves talking about sexual experimentation with Windom Gold, leading to them both using Windom’s holes to satisfy their throbbing members. As anyone driving by these stops can see, these insatiable men are more than willing to share their oversized ‘Truck Loads’ with any open and available hole that comes their way.

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