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Trunks 2

Trunks 2
Hot House
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  • Rimming
113 min

Steven Scarborough

    all models over 18    
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Alex Collack

Brad Patton

Jason Kingsley

Jason Ridge

Justin Gemini

Matt Cole

Nick Piston

Omer (b)

Robert Van Damme

Tony Mecelli

Trey Casteel

Matt Cole teams up with Jason Kingsley who is spotted pulling on his 9.5 inch erection poking from his blue Speedo. Before you can say lickety split, Matt jumps out of the pool, stuffs the fat piece in his mouth, and begins to suck. Jason slides his hand down Matt’s back and into his Speedo, working a moistened finger in his butt hole to prime him for pumping. This is the stuff fantasies are made of: 2 unbelievably hot, beefy men with huge cocks and big round asses fucking and grunting in the desert heat until they shoot their loads!
21  minutes
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Robert Van Damme, Jason Ridge, and Jason Kingsley lie poolside, dreaming of big cocks and hot sweaty buttcracks. They begin to toy with the raging hardons in their tight trunks before deciding what the hell – let’s fuck! Van Damme, a former professional Czech hockey player, has the most magnificent body and cock, which performer of the year nominee Ridge devours. Kingsley makes himself busy feeding his lengthy prick down the throat of Van Damme. The three studs move onto all fours and begin a rimming daisy chain, licking the hot sweaty crack in front of them. Jason, always the greedy pig bottom, soon has his ass being tag teamed by the big-dicked duo. Jason eventually fucks the cum out of Ridge, seconds before Jason and Robert add their loads to the sweaty mix pooling on his stomach.
23  minutes
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The hot bodies keep on coming in as Tony Mecelli pulls up to a lounge chair and begins to oil up his massive muscles. Nick Piston watches the show from a raft in the pool and swims closer when Tony whips out his 10 inch rod from beneath his Speedo. Piston dives onto the prick with his mouth and begins to tease it, licking and sucking with his mouth. We’re not sure what drives us wild the most about Piston: his low guttural voice, the sexy set of tattoos on his body, the unbelievably talented big round ass, or his really huge fat cock that swings between his legs as he fucks himself on Tony’s shaft. The sex in this scene is one long, langorous suck and fuckathon luxuriously shot with the majestic Palm Spring mountains in the background. Porn just doesn’t get any hotter!
23  minutes
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The parade of king-sized cocks continues in Scene 4 as Justin Gemini strokes his 11-incher right into the camera. This young pup has got – no joke – the biggest piece in porn…remember it in MISCHIEF? Three other guests of the La Posada Resort (Alex Collack, Omer, and Trey Casteel) stumble upon it and quickly move in like vultures. Collack whips out his huge uncut Russian prick which prompts bottom boys Omer and Casteel to drop to their knees and worship the two giant cocks on display. They slurp up and down the lengthy tools, spit trailing from their tongues, and beat their own meat raging between their thighs. The scene is a cocksucker’s dream as Omer, a 19 year old fresh-faced angel, struggles to keep from gagging on the nearly foot-long cock of Justin; meanwhile, Casteel can’t open his mouth wide enough to get all of Collack’s swollen shaft in his mouth. The two bottoms hike their asses up on a table and present their sweaty assholes to the two tops. Alex and Justin drive right up their cracks and begin to ferociously fuck the studs. The spunk begins to fly as the four men unload themselves and finally start to relax.
22  minutes
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There’s nothing hotter than the sight of Brad Patton’s monster meat stuffed into a yellow Speedo. Well, actually there is something hotter – for instance, when the Speedo comes off and the unreal cock comes jumping out. It’s simply the most astonishing cock in the business today; but it’s also attached to the sexiest blonde Goliath (Brad’s an ice speedskater – the legs and ass are as big as they come!) Sexy newcomer Matt Cole is the perfect match for Brad and their performance in this final scene is so over-the-top passionate it’s gotta be seen to be believed! The camera just loves covering these two bodies – especially when Matt rolls back on his shoulders for Brad to feast on his hole. After teasing his hole with his tongue, Brad soon moves to the task at hand: stuffing his giant club into Matt’s juicy hole. Brad absolutely fucks the living daylights out of him – prompting us to promote Matt to the title of Hot House Powerbottom. This scene has to be one of the most scorching pairings we’ve ever shot! After fucking the entire afternoon away, these two dogs in heat dump their loads.
24  minutes
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2007 GRABBY NOMINEE - Best Cum Scene (Jason Kingsley, Jason Ridge & Robert Van Damme)

2007 GAYVN WINNER - Best Newcomer - Matt Cole

Winner of 2007 Gold VOD Award

The men of Hot House have packed their trunks and headed back to sunny Palm Springs for more scorching hot poolside action in Trunks 2! AVN Hall of Fame Director Steven Scarborough packs this sequel with even more glistening sweaty muscles, big bulging speedos, and hard-hitting Hot House action! Hot House Superstar Brad Patton whips out his legendary fat whopper from his yellow speedo to split newcomer Matt Cole from both ends; Hot House Exclusives Tony Mecelli and Nick Piston fuck and grunt poolside in the blazing afternoon heat; Hot House Exclusives Robert Van Damme and Jason Ridge throw down with Jason Kinglsey in our hottest 3-way beef buffet; and Lifetime Exclusive Alex Collack?s body has never looked better - watch him get hot and sticky with Trey Casteel, Omer, and all 11-inches of Justin Gemini!


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