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Trunks 6

Trunks 6
Hot House
  • 3-Way
  • Anal Sex
  • Ass Play
  • Kissing
  • Oral Sex
  • Outdoor Sex
  • Rimming
  • Underwear
102 min

Steven Scarborough

    all models over 18    
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Damien Stone

Gavin Waters

Troy Daniels

Bo Dean
John Magnum
JR Matthews
Kyle King
Matt Cole
Topher Dimaggio

Kyle King spots Matt Cole across the pool so he dives in and swims up right between his legs. They jump out of the water and start making out, but Kyle gets on all fours and dives for Matt’s huge cock. Matt’s loving the blow job but it’s Kyle’s big round ass in the air that drives him wild. He mounts the suntanned stud and fucks him hard. The athletic ass-pounding, combined with the 90 degree heat, causes both men to dive into the pool for relief. When they come back out it’s Kyle’s turn to fuck the hell out of Matt. The muscular sun-Gods fuck until the sun goes down!
21  minutes
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The Palms Springs heat makes everyone horny, especially John Magnum and JR Matthews. John knows JR is watching him from the pool so he pulls out his uncut whopper and starts stroking in the hot sun. JR slides out of the pool and goes down on John, sucking his dick until they’re both so overheated they jump in the pool to cool off. JR hops up on the side of the pool and offers John his fat cock and perfect hole – it’s time to fuck. John bends the chiseled redhead over and fucks him hard, doggy-style then on his back. John pulls out and goes down on JR, using his mad cock sucking skills to drain JR’s load!
21  minutes
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Matt Cole and Troy Daniels take full advantage of the resort’s luxurious pool. The sight of Matt floating with his big bubble-butt in the air proves too much for Troy to resist; he slips off Matt’s trunks and shoves his tongue deep in his ass-crack. They emerge from the pool with raging hardons, sending Matt to his knees to worship Troy’s big dick. Matt stands up and fucks Troy’s face but soon has the young hunk on his knees so he can pound his ass. Matt mounts him and fucks him deep until they both melt into a pool of sweat and cum.
20  minutes
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A leisurely swim turns into a big dick showdown between Bo Dean and Damien Stone. The muscular hung hunks flash each other their meat and Damien swims over to go down on Bo. When Bo goes down on Damien Kyle King shows up with the hose to cool them off. Both Bo and Damien feed Kyle their huge cocks until Damien bows out so Bo can fuck Kyle’s big round butt. He rolls Kyle over with his ass in the air and shoves his cock deep inside his twitching hole. He fucks him like a machine, pounding him until he creams all over Kyle’s washboard abs.
22  minutes
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Gavin Waters quiet afternoon suntanning by the pool gets interrupted by Topher DiMaggio, a rowdy powerhouse who never gets enough sex. Gavin pulls out his uncut cock knowing that Topher won’t be able to resist the invitation. Topher sucks the hell out of Gavin’s perfect cock then stands up and shoves his huge cock down Gavin’s throat. It’s all just a wram-up for Topher who definitely needs to get some of Gavin’s ass. He fucks Gavin hard by the pool then their suntanned studs move to the lawn where they both kick back, jack and shoot huge loads.
18  minutes
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Hot House Superstar Matt Cole returns to Palm Springs, the hottest destination in America, to suit up with Kyle King and a host of Speedo clad hotties in Trunks 6! Steven Scarborough has once again assembled a world-class lineup of beefcake who pack their bulging muscles into skimpy Speedos and sweat it out poolside in the 107 degree heat. Also starring Bo Dean, Damien Stone, Gavin Waters, John Magnum, JR Matthews, Topher DiMaggio, and Troy Daniels, Trunks 6 proves once again that there`s hot - and then there`s HOT: so get ready to sweat!

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