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Twink Orgy

Twink Orgy
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104 min



    all models over 18    
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Billy Rubens
Brendan James
Bruno Bernal
Cory Prince
Craig Daniel
Danny Daniels

Danny Montero
Darius Ferdynand
Drew Kingston
Jonny Garcia
JP Dubois
Kamyk Walker

Leo Domenico
Luke Desmond
Lyle Boyce
Marco DuVaul
Mark Snow
Matthew Anders

McKensie Cross
Mickey Taylor
Nathan Hope
Ross Drake

Missing out on giant dicks sporting from Darius, JP, McKensie, Danny and Luke, it’s a big dick bonanza never to be missed! All getting frisky on the sofas, Luke Desmond looks hotter than hell as Danny gets his lips around him, and handsome JP Darius and McKensie take the other sofa in a chain of throat fucking that leaves us gasping for air! With each boy swopping themselves around, it’s a huge melee of slim, toned sweaty bodies, with peachy perfect butts getting fucked hard, Luke getting spit-roasted, JP fucking every ass in sight and the close-ups angles we’re given makes it hard to see who’s doing who, but as long as it’s a big dick in a smooth hole, it’s all good! McKensie it the first to cum, his ass fucked hard by the beautiful Darius, with Luke dumping his load over Danny as he’s still getting fucked by JP who then pulls out and mixes loads, with each boy now empty, covered in streams of cum, they lay back and relax..
15  minutes
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Who doesn’t love an orgy on a lazy Sunday afternoon? Bruno Bernal and new face Craig Daniel certainly know how to party, and inviting over 3 other horny young fuckers brings the total to five fuckers all out to fuck and get fucked! First through the door is Drew Kingston, and hot young black kid with a deliciously thick dick Bruno just can’t keep off of! With Mickey Taylor next in the door, this tattooed rude boy brings the attitude of a real sexual demon, wanting a piece of everybody, and everyone obliges for this gorgeous jock-type. Finally, we have smooth skinny twink Marco DuVaul bringing up the rear, and bringing the rear itself as he’s fucked hard by countless cocks, his fresh and tight young hole ruined into a sloppy mess after everyone gets a turn!! With a tag-team on super-bottom Bruno Bernal, who’s pulled and pushed on the table, spinning around and ending up on someone’s dick, he doesn’t even know whose, it’s merely a dick for him, and an ass for them!! This is how the Bulldog stars enjoy their orgies!!
35  minutes
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It’s the night of the Bachelor Party and the stripper has arrived with the guests all up for a hot and horny party! However, with Brendan James caught with a dick in his mouth by his man Jonny, it could turn ugly, or even hotter than before, and there must be something in the air.. for they are both on their knees in seconds, gulping down inch after inch of hot cock and eating out the hottest ass in the land. Full of SEVEN twinks enjoying another famed DreamBoy Hotel orgy all with stuff dicks and hungry holes, the gorgeous lads are spoilt for choice whichever way they turn for there is an endless supply of exactly what they want. Toned torsos, big dicks, smooth ass and incessantly insatiable boys all up for the fuck of their life! With Jonny and Brendan centre of attention, the sofas creak from the force of these boys libidos and watching thick dicks pushed into beauties like Leo Domenico and Darius Ferdynand by horny tops Billy and JP, your own sofa with be creaking as you join in the hard pumping action, leaving them, and you, totally saturated in load after load of cum!
18  minutes
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Slowly undoing Daddy’s zip, Succulent twink Cory, dressed only in a jockstrap sucks on the thick dick, bursting from Matt’s jeans, taking it down his tiny throat and deep inside him, preparing them both for the anal adventure about to occur when the rest of the guests turn up. Blond beauty Kamyk is the first to arrive, joining the pair and climbing on top of the sofa, sowing his smooth butt to Daddy who wastes no time in getting his tongue deep inside. Just as Matt is getting serviced by both boys, handsome French fucker Nathan Hope joins the three to make a four and steals Cory from him and gets his big dick blown whilst Kamyk takes the prime opportunity to jump on top of Daddy dick and ride like a pro! Swiftly joined by Danny, the cute Mexican stud sits apart and gets rock hard jerking to the amazing orgy in front of him before being too tempted by Cory’s exposed asshole to resist and tongues fucks him deep until Nathan takes over and fucks the boy who’s now getting throat fucked by Danny, the melee of toned young bodies a perfect vision for anyone and everyone to enjoy! The heat and horniness overwhelm Nathan and Kamyk, who shoot their loads all over themselves, leaving the party to continue and grow! Carrying on the orgy after two hotties shoot their load, Danny Montero and scorching hot Daddy Matthew Anders spit roast the tiniest twink ever Cory Prince on the sofa, with Matt taking a break and watching his two favourite boys fuck hard in front of him as they wait for more to arrive to join the orgy madness. In perfect timing, 3 more young studs join the party, super hung Kayden Gray, blond bottom Lyle Boyce and fit fucker Ross Drake all come together and get in the middle of the action right away! Danny jumps on top of Kayden’s massive meat who slurps on Ross’s dick as Lyle gets his ass eaten by Matt as Cory swops with Ross and licks around Danny’s butt mid fuck and Ross is feeling every inch of Matt’s thick shaft, there so much spunk worthy action it’s hard to know where to look, and each one of them loving the action they’re getting and giving, especially Lyle who’s tucking in to Cory’s dick whilst Daddy spanks that soft white ass of his! As the sweat starts to drip and the assholes get fucked hard, the cum starts to erupt from all six men, Danny shooting for the ceiling, Kayden drenching Danny, and the others sharing their loads as all good orgies must end!
36  minutes
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There`s nothing quite like the smooth lean body of a horny twink beneath you, writhing in ecstasy as they juicy dicks, smooth balls and plump ass get given all the attention they deserve, split open with huge dicks and ultimately covered in hot, thick spunk. There is something better however, and that`s when the number of twinks explodes exponentially and you find yourself surrounded by the hottest, horniest young men around and you`re centre of attention in a twink orgy like none other! Indulge your group sex fantasies right here with Twink Orgy, the biggest and best from EurocremeGroup studios and lean back and let these insatiable youngsters take you on a journey you`ll never forget.

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