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2 Twisted

2 Twisted
Club Inferno
  • 3-Way
  • Anal Sex
  • Ass Play
  • Bondage
  • Dildo
  • Doublefucking
  • Fisting
  • Group Sex
  • Masturbation
  • Oral Sex
  • Rimming
110 min

David Lamm

    all models over 18    
© 2006 Hot House Entertainment. All Rights Reserved

Bastien Forloux
Carlos Morales
Derrick Hanson
Dillon Press
Joey O`Bryan

Mike Power
Nick Capra
Nick Piston
Tony Serrano

Joey O’Bryan and Bastien Forloux are taken captive by henchmen Nick Piston and Dillon Press. Press yanks O’Bryan from a cage and pulls him onto his rock hard cock. Piston walks up and shoves his fat tool through the bars of the same cage for the dick hungry Forloux. While O’Bryan bounces on Press’ rod, Piston punishes Forloux with his cock followed by a dildo the size of a man’s arm. Press tosses O’Bryan aside and he and Piston drag Forloux out of the cage so he’s free to choke on their cocks. Piston shoves Forloux’s face into his ass. Press joins him and they both rim Piston’s perfect hole. O’Bryan joins the action and all four men create a chain of ass-eating, dick sucking sex pigs. Each man devours the man in front of them until they break apart and explode, leaving a pool of hot cum behind.
25  minutes
Content & Stars...
Built power-bottom Carlos Morales is in a cage with his open ass pressed against the bars. Sex pig Nick Capra fills Morales’ hole with a giant dildo while Derrick Hanson plays with Capra’s hard dick. Capra turns his attention to Hanson’s smooth young ass, probing his hole with his tongue. Capra needs to take a piss, so he orders Hanson to get Morales out of the cage and bring him a bucket. Capra pisses into his own mouth then fills the bucket with his steaming hot stream of golden man juice. Hanson pours the bucket of piss all over Morales before Capra and Hanson take turns bookending the piss covered dick pig. Determined to put Morales to the test, Capra pulls out a fire-engine red monster dildo and shoves it up Morales’ ass. Morales craves even more assplay so Capra and Hanson throw him in a sling and take turns fisting him. All three jack off and cover Morales with jizz.
30  minutes
Content & Stars...
Horse hung tops Tony Serrano and Mike Power close in on Bastien Forloux and force him to swallow their huge cocks. Forloux gags and gasps as Serrano flips him over and eats his ass. Power moves around to receive more head while Serrano fucks Forloux’s spit-lubed ass. Serrano’s monster stretches Forloux’s manhole enough for some punch-fuck fisting. Forloux slides up and down Serrano’s arm first, then slithers onto Power’s until eventually both tag-fuck his chute. The top studs pull their arms out of Forloux, shove him onto a fat dildo and pump their cocks into his face.
27  minutes
Content & Stars...
Scene four opens with Joey O’Bryan on his back while Forloux proves to be as talented a fisting top as he is a bottom. Piston orders Forloux out of the way and takes turns rimming and finger-fucking O’Bryan’s hole, in preparation for the speculum, which he inserts deep into the gaping abyss. Piston shines a flashlight to get a good look into O’Bryan’s guts, then turns the industrial flashlight around and shoves the 14” handle into his wide-open manhole. All of this ass stretching causes O’Bryan to blow his load. Next the insatiable O’Bryan and Piston ride a double-headed dildo, fucking each other with their insane humping motions. On a nearby bench, Press plunger-fucks Forloux, who rides Press’s fist like a pro. All four men work each other’s holes harder and harder until they blow their loads.
28  minutes
Content & Stars...
2007 GRABBY NOMINEE - Best Fetish Video

2 Twisted features a new batch of 9 hung sex pigs in the kind of outrageous action that put the first Twisted hit at the top of the charts! These fist dogs are 2 forceful, 2 verbal, 2 edgy, 2 wrong, 2 degrading, 2 perverse, 2 used, 2 raunchy, 2 shocking and 2 Twisted.


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