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Ultimate Dick

Ultimate Dick
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  • Rimming
158 min

Alter Sin, Tony Dimarco, Trenton Ducati

    all models over 18    
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Cade Maddox

Dean Young

Isaac Parker

Angel Rivera
Boomer Banks
Dalton Riley
Jax Thirio
Johnny Ford

Josh Moore
Logan Stevens
Quin Quire

Cade Maddox wakes up alone in bed with a massive, thick raging hard on. When he climbs out of bed, he sees Isaac Parker stroking his cock next to the pool. Cade gives Isaac a “good morning” and horny Isaac spots the morning wood and walks over to Cade. Any morning with Cade’s humongous cock in your mouth is a good one for sure, so Isaac gulps it down. Doing his best to take the whole thing, Isaac enjoys gagging on Cade’s dick. After a few more thrusts to the throat, Cade pulls out and bends Isaac over the bed to stuff his face deep into Isaac’s crack. When Isaac is lubed up with spit, Cade works his huge meat deep into Isaac’s hole. It’s a tight fit but Isaac strokes his cock as he takes every inch of Cade’s fuck-stick. Switching positions, Isaac climbs on top to ride Cade and take it even deeper. After the energized ride, Isaac lays back, and Cade plows a thick load out of him, igniting the spark that has Cade shooting his wad all over Isaac’s spent hole.
30  minutes
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Boyfriends Logan Stevens and Sharok are hiking around the outskirts of Los Angeles. They stop in a secluded spot, and Logan strips away all his clothes. Feeling the hefty bulge in Sharok`s shorts, Logan pulls them down to Sharok`s ankles and works the thick pole up and down with his mouth. They take turns deepthroating each other`s cocks until Sharok bends Logan over a boulder and slides his raw cock between Logan`s cheeks. After getting his ass stretched bareback, Logan turns around and wraps his lips around Sharok`s meat once again, tasting his own hole. Switching positions, Sharok sits back and Logan climbs on top to ride Sharok`s thick pole until he shoots a thick load all over Sharok`s abs. Making sure his man gets to cum, Logan lays back to let Sharok pound his load deep into Logan`s eager hole.
21  minutes
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Josh Moore and Dean Young are enjoying their weekend getaway at a stunning flat outside of the city. After spending some time relaxing, the two handsome studs can’t keep their hands off each other. As the clothes shed, Dean gets on his knees to expertly deepthroat Josh’s huge uncut cock. After devouring Josh’s massive meat, Dean wants it in his ass, so he bends over and gives Josh easy access to dive in tongue first. Josh takes his time savoring Dean’s perfect bubble butt and loosening up his tight hole. Fully prepped and eager to get plowed, Dean’s hole eagerly anticipates Josh’s thick pole. Without hesitation, Josh stuffs it balls deep into Dean’s ass. Between switching positions up, Dean deepthroats the cock that was just inside him before hopping on top and sinking down on Josh’s dick. Josh takes control of his insatiable bottom again and relentlessly pounds a load out of him that covers Dean’s abs. With Dean covered in his own cum, Josh strokes out a thick load that lands directly in Dean’s mouth.
24  minutes
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What to do when you can’t hookup with your regulars or use hookup apps. Johnny Ford and Quin Quire know how to pass the time when they’re horny and bored, staying safe at home. They hit it with each other in an energized, out-of-this-world flip fuck. They lock lips and Quin works his mouth all over Johnny’s body, before ending up with Johnny’s thick, meatay cock in his mouth. After filling his throat with cock, Quin bends over to invite Johnny to rim his smooth eager hole. Eating Quin’s hole gets Johnny so worked up he can’t resist sliding his raw, thick, uncut pole deep inside Quin’s ass. Quin takes it bareback in multiple positions before switching it up and shoving his sizeable rod into Johnny’s tight ass. Quin pounds Johnny’s hole with powerful thrusts until he drops his load onto Johnny’s abs. When it’s Johnny’s turn, he climbs on top of Quin and rides his meat until he cums hands-free on Quin’s abs.
21  minutes
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Dalton Riley catches Jax Thirio`s attention in his skimpy workout gear. They cruise each other hard and meet up in the showers for some foreplay, but the real action happens when Jax comes to Dalton`s place later that afternoon. It doesn`t take long before they pick up where they left off, worshiping each other`s hot muscular bodies and whipping out their hot cocks for some juicy deep throat action. Dalton gets on all fours and offers up his big white bubble butt and Jax dives in, tongue first. They move to the bedroom where Jax pounds Dalton`s ass in a hot raw fuck session giving both studs the workout they really needed!
27  minutes
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Quarantine buddies Boomer Banks and Angel Rivera are horny and decide to show their fans how to make their own hot, big-dick, bareback porn. They set up their cameras and begin making out in bed. As they strip naked, Angel makes the first move and attempts to deep throat all of Boomer’s 11” uncut cock. Gagging, slurping and paying special attention to his foreskin, Angel takes a slap of Boomer’s massive cock to his face. When Boomer decides to give Angel’s throat a break, he bends the stud over to bury his face in between Angel’s ass cheeks, prepping it for a raw plowing Angel won’t soon forget. Lubed only with spit, Boomer starts to ease his monster cock deep into Angel’s ass. It’s a tight fit at first, but soon Angel is able to take all of Boomer’s humongous pole. Boomer pulls out and sucks Angel`s throbbing cock before turning him over and drilling him bareback even harder. Boomer keeps pounding Angel until he shoots a thick load all over Angel’s hole and pushes it back in. When it’s Angel’s turn to cum, he paints Boomer’s face with a thick load that drips into his beard. And that is How To Make Porn! You`re welcome.
35  minutes
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If you`re looking for the biggest cocks and hottest bareback action in the business, you`re looking for ‘Ultimate Dick’! This debut title from Falcon|NakedSword stars 12 horse-hung studs in six never before-on-DVD scenes from the studios` award-winning directors Trenton Ducati, Tony Dimarco, Alter Sin and Marc MacNamara. When Cade Maddox wakes up alone and hard in bed, he uses Isaac Parker’s tight ass to release the buildup in his balls. Real life boyfriends Sharok and Logan Stevens, disappear on a naked hike where Logan gets pounded on the ground. Exclusive Josh Moore inducts Dean Young into the elite Exclusive roster with his hung, uncut cock deep in Dean’s insatiable bubble-butt. With stay-at-home orders in place, it’s hard to hookup, so roommates Quin Quire and Johnny Ford fuck each other. After noticing each other during a workout, Jax Thirio heads to Dalton Riley’s place to fuck his brains out. Finally, Boomer Banks and Angel Rivera teach us how to ‘Make A Porn’. If you’ve been looking for ‘Ultimate Dick’, look no further, ‘cause we’ve got all you need!

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