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Ultra Sex

Ultra Sex
Falcon Edge
  • Anal Sex
  • Kissing
  • Oral Sex
  • Rimming
89 min

Nick Foxx

    all models over 18    
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Derek Bolt

Jacob Taylor

Jimmy Durano

JJ Knight

Josh Conners

Ryan Rose

Sebastian Kross

Skippy Baxter

Tattooed Sebastian Kross runs his hands all over Derek Bolt`s muscled body. With their jockstraps bulging, they lock lips in a kiss and press their jacked bodies together. Sebastian jumps up on a riser that puts his cock level with Derek`s face: the perfect height for Derek to give Sebastian a thrilling blowjob. Returning the favor, Sebastian goes down on Derek’s meaty tool, tweaking Derek`s nipples in the process. Derek throws his legs up in the air, allowing Sebastian access to his tight hole. With his tongue, Sebastian goes to town on Derek`s sweet ass. They start fucking doggy style, with Sebastian ramming his throbbing meat into Derek`s muscled bubble butt. Knowing how it sets him off, Sebastian reaches around to pinch Derek`s nipples. Rolling on his back, Derek beats off and blows his load while Sebastian is still inside him. Sebastian cums on Derek`s face, shooting his load into Derek`s mouth and across his chin.
24  minutes
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Bright lights and taut jockstraps show off the monster muscles of Jacob Taylor and Josh Conners. The light dusting of hair on Jacob`s torso brings out the rippling curves of his washboard abs and massive chest. Josh shows off his perfectly smooth ass, and Jacob explores the hole with his fingers. Sinking to his knees, Josh performs an impressive feat of sword swallowing on Jacob`s monster meat. In return, Jacob licks and jabs at Josh`s hole with his tongue, delivering a wet and wild rim job. Jacob, rubbing his slippery, uncut cock in Josh`s ass crack, gets ready to deliver an über-powerful pounding. Sliding his cock into Josh`s savory hole, Jacob thrusts his hips, penetrating deeper and deeper. He grasps hold of Josh`s jockstrap for extra leverage, using it to pull himself deeper into Josh`s hole. Taking the sex over the top, Jacob and Josh lay on their sides as they fuck, creating a perfect view of the deep, intense penetration. Rising to his knees, Jacob delivers a massive facial, shooting gobs of white cum all over Josh`s face and inside Josh`s open mouth. Now at the climax of arousal, Josh jerks himself to completion, blasting his load across his abs.
22  minutes
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Sexy JJ Knight`s jockstrap can`t even contain all of the meat he`s packing. Lowering himself down to his knees, hot Aussie Skippy Baxter begins swallowing JJ`s monster cock. Deep throating such a massive sword is daunting, but Skippy knows what he`s doing, and his cock sucking skills have JJ eager for more. Skippy lays on his back with his legs in the air, parting his ass cheeks and inviting JJ to play. JJ uses his tongue to get Skippy`s hole lubed with spit, then slides in a finger to explore. A second finger follows, stretching Skippy`s hole and preparing him for the pounding to come. After teasing Skippy`s ass with the tip of his dick, JJ plunges his super cock deep inside. Power bottom Skippy keeps one hand on his hard cock and the other hand holding his leg up, giving JJ deep access. Switching things up, JJ leans back and Skippy sits down on his cock. Using his beefy, hairy legs, Skippy raises and lowers himself on JJ`s huge fuck stick. This expert bottom knows what he`s doing! After getting his cock milked by Skippy`s ass, JJ`s ready to bust a nut: he stands over Skippy`s face and blasts his load right down Skippy`s open mouth. Skippy releases his spunk and sprays it across his hairy torso, and the two studs seal the deal with primal kissing.
23  minutes
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Standing in a starkly lit room, superstars Jimmy Durano and Ryan Rose are completely focused on each other`s ultra-ripped bodies. The ultra-hung studs are hard and throbbing, threatening to bust out of the strained pouches of their matching jockstraps. Sliding down Jimmy`s abs, Ryan uncovers Jimmy`s uncut monster cock. Thrusting his hips instinctively, Jimmy fills Ryan`s throat with man meat, enjoying every second of oral pleasure. Saliva slides down Jimmy`s shaft as Ryan opens his throat to swallow every inch. Reaching out to Ryan`s ass, Jimmy explores the hole with a finger, then switches positions to bury his face in Ryan`s crack. It`s clear that Jimmy is an ass hound by the way he tongues and probes Ryan`s hot butt. The super horny studs take it to the next level as Jimmy thrusts his throbbing tool into Ryan`s sweet ass. Picking up speed, he rams Ryan with strength and vigor. Rolling on his back, Ryan savors every second of his pounding, jerking his hefty cock with appreciation. The full-throttle fucking that Jimmy doles out has Ryan ready to blow; he shoots buckets of cum across his rippled torso, with Jimmy still inside. Jimmy pulls out and strokes his uncut meat until he blows his load too, sending thick white ropes streaking across Ryan`s muscled thighs.
19  minutes
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When horny, uninhibited men want to fuck, no ordinary sex will do: this is `Ultra Sex`. Nick Foxx directs eight muscled, dirty-minded sex fiends in a no-holds-barred marathon of ultra-intense fucking. Tatted Sebastian Kross takes muscled Derek Bolt`s hot hole to town in an energetic encounter that ends in a creamy facial. Jacob Taylor uses his über-beefy physique and hefty cock to deliver a deep dicking to Josh Conners` tight end. Hairy, tatted power bottom Skippy Baxter uses his mouth and his ass to milk JJ Knight`s mega-cock. Ripped studs Jimmy Durano and Ryan Rose can`t get enough of each other: Ryan orally services Jimmy`s massive, uncut tool, and Jimmy gives Ryan a supercharged pounding that results in two massive cum shots. If you`re after hot, horny men who stop at nothing to get off, then get ready to turn up the heat and bring on `Ultra Sex.`

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