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Up Yours Part 1

Up Yours Part 1
Club Inferno
  • 3-Way
  • Ass Play
  • Dildo
  • Fisting
  • Latex/Rubber
  • Masturbation
  • Rimming
  • Solo
141 min

Robert Drake

    all models over 18    
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Colin Steele

Derrick Paul

Evan Matthews

Rick van Sant

Jackson Lawless
Josh West

Who better to welcome Rick Van Sant to the Club Inferno family than his fellow Exclusive Evan Matthews – a true fisting superstar! There’s no time for foreplay when Van Sant finds Matthews spread eagle and ready for his hole to be opened. Van Sant shoves his thick forearm into a bucket of lube and shoves his hand, followed by most of his arm right into Matthews’ ass. The excitement grows as the two expert handballers test each other’s limits, with Van Sant pushing his fist and arm deeper and deeper. Finally Matthews rewards his buddy with his enormous rosebud and Van Sant really loses control!
34  minutes
Evan Matthews glazes Rick Van Sant’s hole with thick lube, preparing it for a brutal fisting assault. A true fisting master, Matthews teases Van Sant’s hole by pounding on his sphincter before shoving his whole hand inside. Eventually Matthews picks up the entire bucket of lube and pours it all over Van Sant’s ass, allowing him to punch-fuck his hole. Next Van Sant gets on all fours so Matthews can go elbow-deep into his rosebud. Finally Van Sant rides Matthews’ fist and jacks off until he blows his load.
24  minutes
6’4” chiseled hunk Colin Steele takes control in this puppy-play scene with Derrick Paul. Steele establishes his dominance by ordering the puppy Steele to lick his boots, then starts right in on his ass with his dog-tail butt-plug. Steele begins a session of intense butt-play by offering the barking and yelping Paul a series of dildos to lick before shoving them up his ass. Like a good dog, Paul does whatever it takes to please his master, sitting down on each latex cock as they get bigger and bigger. Steele whips out his fat cock and jacks off all over Paul who begs for the load like a dog in heat!
29  minutes
Clean-cut handsome Jackson Lawless shares his hole with you and you alone in this butt-play intensive solo scene. Lawless selects a massive dildo and rides it long and slow until it disappears up his ass. He replaces that toy with another one which he thrusts up and down on while holding on to handlebars suspended form the ceiling. The solo sex circus continues when Lawless reaches around the shoves his own fist deep in his hole. He pulls out his greasy paw to reveal and extended rosebud dripping loads of lube. Finally he rolls over and jacks off while fingering his hole.
18  minutes
The final scene of Up Yours Part 1 opens with Jackson Lawless spreading his fat white ass cheeks and sitting down effortlessly on a huge dildo. While he fucks himself, horse-hung Josh West shoves his face deep inside Rick Van Sant’s perfect ass, licking it in preparation for a series of butt plugs and toys. Van Sant opens his hole to take all 10 inches of a fat dildo to the base. Lawless moves between the two men and shoves his fist up Van Sant’s hole while West fists Lawless, forming a fisting train. The locomotive gains speed as the fists go deeper and deeper. Still hungry for more assplay Van Sant opens his hole so that both West and Lawless can fist him at the same time! Finally top-stud West shoves his fists up both Van Sant and Lawless while they jerk off then joins them, jacking his own huge cock until all three bust a nut!
36  minutes
Hot House Exclusive Rick Van Sant makes his Club Inferno debut with attitude in Up Yours! Join Van Sant and this cast of expert fist pigs for a shocking trip that will have you shoving everything in the room Up Yours!

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