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Verboten Part 1

Verboten Part 1
Hot House
  • 3-Way
  • Anal Sex
  • Ass Play
  • Bondage
  • Bukkake
  • Dirty Talk
  • Domination
  • Group Sex
  • Latex/Rubber
  • Oral Sex
89 min

Steven Scarborough

    all models over 18    
© 2007 Hot House Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved


Alex Collack

Alexy Tyler

CJ Knight

Dak Ramsey

Dillon Crow

Dominic Sol

Josh West

Kristian Alvarez

Rafael Alencar

Rodrigo De Leon

Trey Casteel

Tyler Saint

Chiseled Lifetime Exclusive Alex Collack and horse-hung Rafael Alencar stand stroking their rock hard cocks, watching Alexy Tyler struggle against restraints in the center of a Dungeon Bed. The two top men release Tyler and immediately put him to work on Collack’s tool. Tyler sucks cock like his life depends on it while Alencar probes his ass crack with his fat meat. Alencar mercilessly shoves his giant cock in and out of Tyler’s hole while Collack silences Tyler’s cries by shoving his uncut rod down his throat. ... More
22  minutes
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New Exclusive tough guy Dillon Crow sits shackled, making him easy prey for rugged sex pigs Dak Ramsey and Trey Casteel. The two studs approach Crow and rough him up by spitting on him and making gag on Ramsey’s extra large cock. Casteel and Ramsey pull out a roll of celophane and wrap it around Crow’s head, turning him into a cock-sucking slave. The brutal tops turn their attention to Crow’s giant bubble-butt, lubing it up with spit and shoving their paws deep in his hole. ... More
27  minutes
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Donkey-dicked Daddy Kristian Alvarez finds Hot House Exclusive C.J. Knight laying face down on a Dungeon Bed. Alvarez releases him from his cuffs and Knight wastes no time working on Alvarez’s meat. Knight proves to be a champion deep-throat cocksucker as the sex-club echoes with the sound of Alvarez’s giant tool reaching past Knight’s gag reflex. ... More
17  minutes
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Newcomer Dominic Sol and Latin stud Rodrigo De Leon stretch their oral limits as they take on two of the biggest cocks ever to enter the Verboten Sex Club Tyler Saint and Josh West. Saint and West free De Leon from a cage and feed him their enormous cocks. De Leon does his best to take both tools – almost two feet of hard cock – into his mouth at once. Tied up nearby, Sol demands some of the cocksucking action. Saint releases him and fills his throat with cock. ... More
23  minutes
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Welcome to Verboten, a smoking-hot new leather series from AVN Hall of Fame Director Steven Scarborough. 12 butch, sex-crazed Hot House hunks bring the art of S&M to life in Verboten, the steamiest new sex club in the notorious SoMa district of San Francisco. In Part I, Hot House Exclusives Alex Collack and C.J. Knight work the ropes and new Exclusive Dillon Crow makes his no holds barred debut in a scene that proves his rugged kick-boxing attitude is no joke. The club is tricked out with larger than life art installations and the latest gear from our accomplices Mr. S Leather and Dungeon Beds. So become a member of Verboten: Submission is free.

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