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WanderLust: Barcelona

WanderLust: Barcelona
NS Originals
  • Anal Sex
  • Bareback
  • Kissing
  • Oral Sex
  • Rimming
122 min

Alter Sin, Marc MacNamara

    all models over 18    
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Bastian Karim

Dean Young

Diego Reyes

Dmitry Osten

Javi Gray

Joel Hart

Sir Peter

Viktor Rom

While Bastian Karim gets set up for his shoot, Joel Hart becomes fixated on the photographer’s every movement and his intense attention to detail. Alone in Joel’s expansive studio, the two share a moment as Bastian leans in close to show Joel a shot. Joel locks lips with the artist and soon both men are losing their clothes and Bastian is wrapping his mouth around Joel’s massive uncut dick. Sunlight pours into the studio as Joel rims and barebacks Bastian’s smooth hole across his dark velvet couch and after taking a ride on the tattooed hunk, Bastian lays back to continue getting plowed until his bare torso is smothered in his own seed. With his bottom drained, Joel wraps up the studio session by pulling out of Bastian’s hole to deliver a creamy facial and feed him his fresh load.
26  minutes
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As a videographer and an online content creator, Viktor Rom knows what his fans are looking for and he devotes all of his time to deliver the perfect product for his viewers. For his latest collab with Javi Gray, Viktor is making sure that the camera gets every angle of this bearded stud as he sucks off his uncut cock and opens up his tight hole for Viktor. The professional fuckers get multiple shots of his oversized dick entering Javi’s ass before he has the bottom throws himself on the counter to get eaten out and fucked some more. With a camera in hand, the beefy top thrusts his entire cock in and out of Javi as the hairy bottom moans and jerks himself off at every bareback thrust. Now in bed, Viktor uses his full force to pound Javi until cum is pouring out of both their dicks with the camera coming in one last time to get a clear shot of the men’s creamy mess.
26  minutes
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Content creator Dmitry Osten believes that living in the moment allows him to capture truly special moments, and that’s what he’s set out to do in this bareback collaboration with the super-hung Sir Peter. With the windows wide open for anyone to see, Dmitry immediately gives into his well-endowed partner as he drops to his knees to suck down his thick cock. Dmitry then props himself up on the venue’s circular fireplace for Peter to rim and bareback his smooth ass. A satisfied grin spreads across the hungry bottom’s face as the fire and the constant thrusting of Sir Peter’s dick warms his naked body. The couple moves to a nearby, oversized dining table to continue the pounding, with Sir Peter’s girthy dick repeatedly switching between fucking Dmitry’s raw hole and his open mouth. By the end, both men are bursting with hot cum as Dmitry feasts on Sir Peter’s creamy white load.
27  minutes
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Joel Hart is tidying up his lavish studio when Dean Young comes over to create some content. To get the right shot, Dean calls on Joel to help him with some pics for his fans. While Joel is snapping the photos, he can’t help but notice hot turned on he is by Dean and leans in for a kiss. The move is eagerly welcomed by Dean, and it’s not long before they both strip off each other’s clothes, and Joel gets to work rimming Dean’s smooth hole. After teasing Dean’s ass with his tongue and fingers, Joel feeds Dean his thick uncut cock. Joel can’t wait any longer and Dean wants cock now, so Joel bends the smooth muscle-twunk over the chaise and pounds his ass bareback. Dean’s hole wants more as he gets on top and rides Joel’s cock down to his balls. Riding hard and fast, Dean bursts his load with Joel still inside of him. Hopping off the cock to have another taste, Dean wraps his lips around Joel’s hefty cock that’s fresh out of his ass. Deepthroating every inch of the sexy tatted stud, Dean gets Joel to unload a thick load straight in his mouth.
22  minutes
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Through the hanging chains of this Barcelona sex club, thick muscle daddy Diego Reyes can be seen pumping his hairy dick into the gaping mouth of expert cocksucker Bastian Karim. Without gagging on a single inch of Diego’s impressive meat, Bastian swallows his new lover before suspending himself in the air for Diego to suck him off from below. With the taste of his young partner’s delicious dick still in his mouth, Diego moves over to some stairs and invites Bastian to sit on his pulsating dick. The bearded fucker uses all of his force to pound Bastian over every available inch of the room until his furry body is drenched in sweat and both men are ready to blow. With Bastian now on his back, the bottom strokes himself off and watches as Diego pulls out to emit an overpowering waterfall of cum that thoroughly soaks his naked body
21  minutes
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The destination? Barcelona. The men? Eager to fuck and excited to film it! Along with directors Alter Sin and Marc MacNamara, NakedSword Originals is jetting off to Europe to meet a crew of dedicated content creators for a bareback European expedition with ‘WanderLust: Barcelona’. The first stop on the journey is Joel Hart’s private studio. There, the tattooed top becomes fixated on photographer Bastian Karim’s every move before setting his sights on pounding his muscular ass. Days later, in the same space, it`s influencer Dean Young’s turn in the studio – and his chance to get his own taste of Joel Hart’s uncut meat. Meanwhile, Viktor Rom is miles away and getting ready to film content with Javi Gray and ensure that the camera catches every moment of his partner swallowing his pulsating dick. Next, wanting to capture his own magic, photographer Dmitry Osten gives his entire body to Sir Peter as the hung top fucks him by the fireplace and over an oversized table. Last, but not least, deep inside a Barcelona sex club, Bastian Karim is satisfying a different side of his sexual appetite as he allows stranger Diego Reyes to pump his furry cock into his wide-open mouth. So, embrace your lust for the gorgeous men traveling across Europe as NakedSword Originals takes you to ‘WanderLust: Barcelona’.

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