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  • 3-Way
  • Anal Sex
  • Kissing
  • Oral Sex
  • Rimming
  • Spitting
156 min

Brian Mills

    all models over 18    
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Ago Viara

Chad Manning

Dak Ramsey

Damien Crosse

Darius Falke

Dean Flynn

Dirk Jager

Dominic Sol

Eduardo (h)

Rick van Sant

Tommy Blade

Victor Banda

Matt Baxter

Dak Ramsey finds him and quickly drops to his knees to deep-throat Damien’s uncut cock. The massiveness of Damien’s cock literally has Dak gagging and spit dripping down his face. When Damien returns the favor, the two take turns spitting back and forth onto each other’s faces and chests. The intense scene leads both guys to cum. But they’re not alone ... from behind some boxes Ago Viara jerks off to what he’s watching. When Dak and Damien hear him moan in ecstasy as he cums. They untie him and rim him, and Damien fucks him brutally before Damien and Dak take turns on his ass.
35  minutes
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The second scene pairs long-time TitanMen exclusive Eduardo with the newest TitanMen exclusive on the block, Chad Manning, in a scene that spotlights the two studs’ impressive sexual versatility. Chad goes to get a cold one from the fridge when he finds Eduardo in the shadows smoking a fat cigar. The intense sexual magnetism between the two draws them together immediately as they begin exploring their bodies and cocks with their mouths. As Chad drops to his knees before Eduardo, Eduardo’s uncut cock unleashes a stream of piss onto Chad, which he eagerly laps up as he sucks on Eduardo’s fat dick. Eduardo goes down on Chad’s long cock, and before long, the two studs have each blown a load onto each other’s hairy, well-muscled bodies. ... More
31  minutes
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TitanMen exclusive Darius Falke pulls up in a dark alley and runs into Tommy Blade, and the two immediately start deep kissing each other and ripping their clothes off. As the two begin devouring each other’s cocks, they’re being watched by newcomer Matt Baxter, who strips off his clothes and jerks himself off while observing from a dark corner. They know they’re being watched so they give him a little show, slapping and spitting on each other while Darius rims and fingers Tommy’s tight muscle butt. ... More
27  minutes
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TitanMen exclusive Dirk Jager is the security guard working the night shift. He’s doing his nightly rounds; all’s quiet in the warehouse, so he figures he’ll take a well-deserved break. He unzips his pants and pulls out his hard, long uncut cock and begins stroking it. He unbuttons his shirt to pinch his nipples, revealing his rock-hard abs and tight, defined chest. He hears a noise and spots TitanMen exclusive Victor Banda hiding behind some boxes. Dirk aggressively stuffs his cock down Victor’s throat until his balls are pinned against his chin; after more face-fucking, Dirk takes Victor’s thick, uncut cock down his hungry throat for an equally intense and spit-lubed blowjob, bringing Victor to orgasm in no time flat. Dirk plants his own thick load onto Victor’s foot. ... More
23  minutes
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In another dark corner of the warehouse, TitanMen exclusives Dean Flynn and Rick van Sant are busy going at it, kissing and tasting each other’s bodies while being watched by Dominic Sol, who’s stroking his hard cock from behind a crate. It doesn’t take long for Dominic to join in, burying his face into Rick’s hungry ass while Rick’s swallowing Dean’s cock. The three exchange deep, gag-inducing blowjobs, with a special emphasis on the tonguing of Rick’s hole. The three all shoot big loads of jizz, with Dominic’s being particularly impressive. ... More
39  minutes
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Celebrated director Brian Mills brings together 13 of the hottest men around to the Warehouse for almost three hours of sweaty and raunchy, non-stop man-on-man action by the likes of TitanMen exclusives Victor Banda, Damien Crosse, Dean Flynn, Rick van Sant, Eduardo, Dirk Jager, Darius Falke, Chad Manning and more.

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