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Warehouse Kinks

Warehouse Kinks
Raging Stallion
  • Anal Sex
  • Bondage
  • Foot Play
  • Handjobs
  • Kissing
  • Masturbation
  • No Sex
  • Oral Sex
  • Rimming
  • Torture
141 min

Tony Buff

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Boomer Banks

Chase Young

Christopher Daniels

Draven Torres

Jimmy Fanz

Preston Steel

Shane Frost

Tony Buff

Draven Torres is about to jumpstart his day with fresh feet: he`s unlacing Shane Frost`s work boots. As he removes each boot, Draven inhales deeply: from the soles of the boots, from the soles of Shane`s sock-clad feet. Before pulling Shane`s socks off, Draven wraps his lips around the toes to extract every molecule of musky fragrance. Then everything comes off at once: Shane`s socks, t-shirt and pants. Shane spits in his palm and jacks off while Draven shoves his tongue between Shane`s toes and sucks the individual digits. Every now and then Draven will release the foot he`s sucking and suck Shane`s uncut cock for a while, then return to the feet. Shane uses his free foot to stroke Draven`s cock or to mash his balls against his thigh. Draven culminates his foot worship with broad strokes of the tongue down the sole of Shane`s foot while Shane cums all over his arch and heel.
26  minutes
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Shane Frost is tied to a table with red cords. His outstretched arms are lashed at the wrist and his legs are spread and cinched around each ankle. Helping himself to Shane`s cock is Draven Torres, whose raven-black hair hangs down over his face. Draven uses his thumbs to spread Shane`s piss slit, teasing the opening with his tongue. He wraps both hands around the shaft of Shane`s cock, and he twists in opposing directions and pumps up and down. Realizing there`s a better way to do this, Draven reverses himself 180 degrees to sit on Shane`s face at the same time. When his hole is perfectly primed by Shane`s tongue, Draven reverses himself again, unrolls a condom onto Shane`s cock and lowers himself onto it. Flesh and muscle interact as Draven works every possible angle, ending flat on his back on top of Shane with his hips flexing madly. He extracts every bit of pleasure from the cock of his bound and prostrate partner until his twisting and gyrating spell sends him into full release.
19  minutes
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An erotic spanking is in store for Jimmy Fanz. It will be administered by Preston Steel, who ties Jimmy`s hands behind him with in elaborate harness encircling his chest. Ankles are next: each lashed to a post so Jimmy is spread-eagled. Preston dives into Jimmy`s hairy hole with his tongue, then announces "This is the best part" as he plunks down a menacing looking wand. The wand can deliver an electric charge via a collar around Jimmy`s neck. The scenario repeats: rim, spank, zap. Preston`s beard adds an extra tickle when his face is buried between Jimmy`s buns. Jimmy`s glutes turn from pink to red, but as much as he struggles, the ropes keep him in place. When he`s had his fill of eating Jimmy`s ass, Preston stands and strips. He has a hairy ass himself, and a hairy chest. His entire back is inked with a sketch for a massive tattoo. Preston changes the ropes to accommodate fucking, tying Jimmy`s left wrist to his left ankle and right wrist to right ankle. Jimmy`s face, neck and chest are now as red as his ass as Preston slams his hole with cock. Since Jimmy is unable to touch himself, Preston jacks him to orgasm while fucking him, then adds his own spooge to the puddles on Jimmy`s belly
22  minutes
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Christopher Daniels and Boomer Banks sit on adjacent industrial spools, each wearing a sleeveless t-shirt and jeans, each licking his lips and massaging a growing cock. Boomer stands and moves one step closer to Christopher, who also moves a step closer, kneeling to nuzzle Boomer`s crotch. Christopher unzips Boomer`s jeans, taking a deep whiff of his bush before lowering the jeans and swallowing his cock. He sucks till he chokes and gasps, his oral capacity increasing as Boomer`s cock slowly engorges to its massive max. Christopher, blond and with a shaggy beard, growls and lowers his head like a bull about to charge, then latches onto Boomer`s nuts with his mouth. Leaving his jock strap on, Christopher kneels on top of a spool. Boomer feeds on his ass while pressing the soles of Christopher`s feet together and fucking the space between them. Christopher`s ass is next. The walls of his hole stretch reluctantly to admit passage of Boomer`s monster cock. Boomer sucks Christopher`s toes while fucking him, then they kiss and bathe each other with jism.
33  minutes
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Twink-ish Chase Young knows he`s the perfect package: full lips, a hint of 5 o`clock shadow to offset the boyish looks, a smooth, slender body and a pert ass. Tony Buff takes it all in as he ties Chase`s arms behind him, then lashes his wrists to his ankles. Chase kneels and he`s ready to service his master. Tony`s cock appears too long and too fat for Chase to swallow, but suction and determination overcome the odds and Tony`s cock disappears entirely in Chase`s pie hole. Chase does it again and again, until his eyes water and thick strings of saliva hang from his lips and from Tony`s cock. Removing the rope, Tony puts Chase on his back and asks if he wants to get fucked. "So bad" is the reply. Tony eats Chase`s ass before fucking it. He reaches between Chase`s legs to grab his cock and milk pearls of precum out of it. Then he leans forward and grasps Chase`s windpipe in a viselike grip, knowing oxygen deprivation will heighten the impending orgasm. Chase grabs his cock and a continuous stream of scalding cumshoots. Tony pulls his dick out and adds his own hot juices.
25  minutes
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Tony Buff`s arsenal of tools that deliver an electric jolt is impressive, and he uses a wand with multiple, interchangeable tips on cute pup Chase Young. Chase is suspended by his wrists, though able to touch the floor with his feet. There`s a sharp intake of breath and fluttering of his eyelids when he hears Tony`s wand begin to crackle and buzz. Chase is naked and his cock hangs heavily between his thighs. Tony brushes the business end of the wand against Chase`s tender flesh, causing him to rise up on his toes. Repeatedly, and with different attachments, Tony challenges the limits of his sub. While Chases is still on his toes, Tony holds the tip of the wand a fraction of an inch below his gonads and dares Chase to come down off his toes. As a reward for Chase`s courage and good behavior, Tony jerks him off to orgasm - but not without a bit of edging to delay and intensify his pleasure.
17  minutes
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Tony`s Buff`s kinky exploration of sex outside the box, Warehouse Kinks, features sock and foot worship, cock sucking, nipple play, sex in bondage, breath play, rimming, spitting, throat fucking, face sitting, electro, CBT and, as always, harcore sex. Red is the color of the rope used to immobilize models in sexually accommodating positions. Colorfully inked and muscular, Draven Torres dominates Shane Frost in dual scenes that let Draven take charge while remaining a sub. He services Shane`s feet as a prelude to a blowjob that ends with Shane`s foot glazed in his own jism. Next, with Shane tied and unable to move or touch himself, Draven uses his cock as a living dildo. Preston Steel is a bottom feeder whose tongue gives Jimmy Fanz`s hole delights that offset the shocks Preston`s electric wand delivers. Jimmy is immobilized, but Preston grants him a happy ending. Christopher Daniels is in the position — doggy — of being rimmed by über-hung Boomer Banks while Boomer holds Chris` feet together and fucks the space between his arches. Boyish Chase Young, tied and kneeling, lunges for Tony Buff`s cock. Repeatedly and impressively, he makes it disappear until his tears mingle with the strings of saliva issuing from his lips. Later Chase, restrained by ropes lovingly tied, shows his resilience by withstanding the many shock-delivering attachments Tony uses on his milky skin. Tony rewards him with a hand job. These piggy studs are working fetish “hard” in Warehouse Kinks.

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