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Weapon of Mass Attraction

Weapon of Mass Attraction
William Higgins
  • 3-Way
  • Anal Sex
  • Behind the scene
  • Kissing
  • Masturbation
  • Oral Sex
  • Rimming
  • Showering
  • Voyeurism
115 min
Czech Rep.

William Higgins

    all models over 18    
© 2006 WHP Productions. All Rights Reserved


Jiri Cepila

Josef Socher

Karel Grosse

Marian Borovy

Martin Bogdan

Petr Krause

Robert Novy

Roman Stastny

Jakub Koutsky

Killer is one of William Higgins’ hottest new discoveries, and has become a huge star on the website – despite the fact that he was willing to do very little in the beginning. But for a guy as reluctant as he is to engage in sex acts with other men on camera, he sure doesn’t have a problem in the wood department. From the moment pals Robert and Marian enter the shower room and commence soaking Killer’s back, his cock is standing fully erect. Robert and Marian strip down and, with impressive boners of their own, proceed to take turns sucking Killer’s killer rod. The action soon moves to a more comfy locale, the bedroom, where Killer and Marian take turns fucking Robert silly. A phenomenal start to the most “lethal” gay film of the year!
28  minutes
Now we get to meet the 'weapon' the title refers to, and it comes attached to a very handsome model named Karel Grosse. Just how big is Mr. Grosse’s enviable tool? A little over 9 uncut inches. See him stroke it to full length as the scene begins with Karel masturbating in front of the window as he watches Martin and Jiri out frolicking in the snow. The lads soon tire and decide it might be fun to play some indoor games instead…On the stairwell, they instantly begin making out and playing with each other’s cocks. Jiri gets down on his knees and takes Martin’s thick member in his mouth, while Karel watches from above, jacking off. It’s not long before both Jiri and Martin, fascinated by their friend’s secret treasure, are taking turns massaging Karel’s cock with their mouths. Then, suddenly, he disappears, saying that he can’t go through with it…Probably because there’s no blood left to circulate anywhere else in his body. He leaves the two lads to suck and fuck each other to climax.
24  minutes
The nonstop action continues in this stunning three-way climax. Karel walks in to the kitchen to find his pals Jiri and Robert making out…right in front of Roman Stastny, who seems to be enjoying the show! Can you imagine? Jiri and Robert take their delicious uncut cocks out as an invitation to Karel to join in on the fun, but Karel declines. When you’re carrying a weapon that dangerous, you’d better know when to use it. After sucking each other off in a plethora of stunning acrobatic positions, Jiri and Robert take turns licking their pal’s ass. 'Stastny' means 'lucky' in Czech, and Roman is fortunate enough to live up to his name – he gets his ass plowed, not by one, but by both of these gorgeous guys. Robert Novy proves to be a very talented versatile performer, giving it to Roman just as good as he gets it from Killer and Marian in Scene 1, while adorable Jiri Cepila just might be a contender for Euro Twink of the Year. Anyone who digs vocal bottoms will really appreciate the way Roman moans as he’s being pumped by' these well-hung studs.
20  minutes
The intrigue between Martin Bogdan and Karel Gross’s weapon continues in this scene. After the two lads return from a walk through the snowy forest, they observe a game of ping pong. When Marian Borovy loses, he hands his paddle over to Martin, and the other lads disperse. Martin’s opponent is tan hunk Petr Krause, whose ass he’ll become the master of before the scene is finished. When they lose the ping pong ball under the table, both lads dive under for it, where their lips meet in a romantic make-out session. Soon, Martin is feeding Petr his thick boner. In the midst of it, Karel walks in and watches from a distance while stroking his elephantine penis to full length. Martin is clearly enthralled by Karel’s manhood, and vies to give him a good stroke show. He proceeds to ride Petr’s ass in three different positions before dropping a generous load on to his back. Petr shoots all the way to his nipple. The lads kiss and Petr goes off to shower, while Martin stays behind. He gets down on his knees in front of Karel and takes his cock in his mouth. But Karel mysteriously tells him no, no, no…
22  minutes
Ubertop Marian decides to give twinkish Jiri a valuable lesson in the art of fuckology – and judging by the fantastic expressions on Jiri’s face, not to mention his rock-hard erection when he’s getting fucked, it’s an art form he seems to enjoy right off the bat. From the moment he takes Marian’s beautiful penis in his mouth, you can tell this lad was born to please other lads. Marian fucks him in a variety of positions until both erupt in geysers of cum.

Meanwhile, downstairs Karel finishes up by – finally - squirting out a thick creamy spurt on to his friend Martin Bogdan’s chest.

21  minutes
Horse hung Karel Grosse is stranded with some other horny guys at a remote ski lodge. There's only one way to pass the time and relieve the tension for these cum-full Czech studs! Karel, however, is quite shy and he wants to wait for the right moment with the right guy. Who will it be...?

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