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Weekend Blowout

Weekend Blowout
Studio 2000
  • 3-Way
  • Anal Sex
  • Ass Play
  • Kissing
  • Oral Sex
  • Outdoor Sex
  • Rimming
97 min

John Travis

    all models over 18    
© 2006 Studio 2000. All Rights Reserved

Ace Hanson
Brendan Falke
Franco Santoro
Jason Crew
Jason Harley
Jason Kingsley

Jed Willcox
Justin Wells
Rafael Alencar
Ty Walker
Zach Waters

Jed Willcox and Jason Kingsley are throwing a Weekend Blowout and have invited some of the hottest hunks they know. That`s the plot and it is more than enough of a set-up to get the balls rolling. Around and about a manmade waterfall, lovers Brendan Falke and Zach Waters get busy. These two boytoys have closely cropped pubes and steely stiffies. Waters wastes no time sucking Falke`s fuckpole and licking his tight balls. Falke blows Waters` wang, fingers his butthole, and fucks him in the standing doggie position in the pond. Soon, Waters is stretched across a rock in the grotto as Falke rims his asscrack and screws him missionary. Falke sprays all over Waters` belly, boner and chest and Waters creams off in close-up.
23  minutes
Content & Stars...
The next scene takes place poolside and is truly a meeting of muscles and meat. Awesome abs, astounding asses and prodigious pokers guarantee this scene to be a one of a kind winner. Rafael Alencar is on his knees blowing first Hanson and then Willcox as they kiss. The energy is palpable and the positions change rapidly. In fact, the scene is a multitude of rockhard riches. Willcox sucks Alencar`s mesmerizing manhood with Hanson`s hose up his butt. In short order, Willcox slams his thick dick into Alencar`s asshole doggie style as Alencar treats Hanson to a hummer. Hanson remains very verbal throughout the action. Alencar rims Hanson`s hole as Willcox continues his anal assault on Alencar`s opening. The action amps-up even more as Alencar slams his donkey dick into Hanson and plows him missionary and sidesaddle on the lawn. All three unload major manjuice all over Hanson. There is something profoundly provocative about these gym-built gladiators taking dick up their asses. Primal, prick-engorging and pulse-racing this episode is unparallel in the pantheon of porn.
19  minutes
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Next up is another threeway, this time, one that explores the joys of puppy lust. Gorgeous gardener Jason Crew, he of the luscious lanky bod and plus-sized prick, is watering the lawn. Equally adorable Justin Wells and Ty Walker, both fresh-faced wet dreams, are sunbathing nude. Crew saunters over to them, sits down on a tree stump, and pulls out his bushy bat for their inspection. The dong is very long and both Wells and Walker take turns feasting on Crew`s cum-filled cock. Soon, Crew blows Wells as Walker continues to suck on Crew`s crank. Crew has the biggest boner so he is the first to show off his topman skills. He plows Wells doggie style across the tree stump as Wells sucks Walker. If this sounds like a lot of intense action believe us it is. Walker and Crew trade places and the fucking continues. Now on the grass, Crew slams his cut cock into Walker in the missionary position and sucks Wells at the same time. This al fresco frolic is full of first-rate fucking. The cum shots fly high and wide with Walker getting a veritable cum bath and Wells depositing his dew all over Crew`s shoulder. No doubt about it, Jason Crew is an up and cummer.
18  minutes
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In the meantime, Jason Harley and Franco Santoro are relaxing by a fireplace reading a letter describing the wonderful weekend they missed. Of course, the letter gets then both aroused and so begins a delightfully dirty, no-holds-barred barrage of sexual bravado. Harley is rolled up on his shoulders sucking Santoro`s schlong as Santoro rims his fuzzy, pink hole. The rimming is lengthy and intense and causes Harley to pant like a dog in heat. Santoro eats Harley`s ass with glee, fingers the hairy hole, and then slides his super schlong into Harley and screws him missionary across the rug. Harley is a wild and willing bottom as well as a heavy-hung top. Soon, he slams his shooter into Santoro`s crack and gives as good as he got. Even hotter, Santoro sits on Harley`s hose and rides Harley`s hard-on with his juicy joint swinging in the breeze. Kissing, licking, sucking, chewing, rimming and fucking these two have a chemistry rarely seen and constantly desired. Santoro shoots his wad with Harley`s finger up his chute. They go back to sucking dick and land in a sixty-nine on the floor leading to Harley spraying all over Santoro`s chest.
37  minutes
Content & Stars...
Weekend Blowout is a hormonal heat-wave which could only be brought to you by Studio 2000 and legendary director John Travis. Boasting a cast headed by Ace Hanson, Rafael Alencar, Jed Willcox, Jason Harley and Franco Santoro, Weekend Blowout is a feast of fantastic flesh photographed flawlessly.

Studio 2000 knows the value of corralling a stable of exclusives that represent the creme de la creme. Ace Hanson, Rafael Alencar, Jed Willcox, Jason Harley and Franco Santoro are sensational spurting satyrs who deposit their loads in your face only through the lens of Studio 2000. Weekend Blowout, directed by the one and only John Travis, is a jigsaw puzzle of jizz-soaked joy.


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