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Well Bred

Well Bred
Raging Stallion
  • 3-Way
  • Anal Sex
  • Bareback
  • Kissing
  • Oral Sex
  • Rimming
  • Showering
149 min

Tony Dimarco

    all models over 18    
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Alex Ink


Cole Connor

Devin Franco

Drew Valentino

Holden Flex

Justin Jett

Lobo Carreira

Luca del Rey

Miguel Rey

Burly landscaper Justin Jett is measuring out the backyard of Lobo Carreira and Alex Ink’s home when he looks through the couple’s sliding glass door and becomes distracted by the sight of them swallowing dick in their kitchen. Touching his cock, Justin invites himself in to make the men’s afternoon delight a midday three-way. Moving into the bedroom, Justin and Lobo begin servicing Alex’s hole and pole before Justin goes to suck Lobo from behind and fuck his inviting ass. A fuck train then forms with Alex barebacking Justin while the gardener is still filling up and stretching out Lobo’s hole. Lobo changes positions so he and his partner are spit-roasting Justin until they form another intricate fuck formation with Lobo riding Justin as Justin rides Lobo. Ready to bust, Justin gets on his back eager to have the horny couple smother his body and beard in cum.
37  minutes
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While walking around his hotel resort, Miguel Rey pauses when he notices a wide open window that gives the perfect view of bearded hunk Brogan bent over and snapping hole pics on his phone. Brogan quickly notices the peeping Tom and begins putting on a show until the stranger finally enters his room to rim his ass. With the window still open and Brogan’s camera recording his every thrust, Miguel dips his bareback cock into Brogan’s inviting hole until the muscular bottom’s face is buried deep in the hotel sheets. After several positions of Brogan taking every inch of Miguel’s thick dick, Brogan is on his back getting bred by the passerby and covering himself in his own cum. Soon after, Miguel drops down to eat up the creamy seed leaking from Brogan’s wrecked hole.
30  minutes
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Cole Connor is focused on trimming his salt-and-pepper beard in the hotel bathroom while Lobo Carreira decides to show off for the stud in the shower by pressing his soapy ass cheeks and soft dick up against the shower glass. Always horny for Lobo’s muscular body, Cole eagerly hops in to join his horny friend and deepthroat his beautifully curved cock. Now in the bedroom, Cole moves his mouth down to Lobo’s hole and rims his ass before fucking him bareback with his throbbing erection. Lobo then returns the favor by ramming his own rod between Cole’s cheeks and having Cole bounce up and down on his dick. Soon, both participants in the flip-fucking duo are busting, licking up each other’s cum and finishing the raw morning hookup with a passionate embrace.
30  minutes
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When vacationer Luca del Rey walks by a neighboring hotel room, he can’t help but stop and admire hairy fuckers Drew Valentino and Holden Flex going at it on their bed. After a signal from Drew, Luca enters the room and begins assisting Holden in swallowing down Drew’s oversized dick. Fairly quickly, though, Luca finds himself sandwiched between the couple, with Drew barebacking his ass and Holden filling his mouth with raw cock. Holden is next to bottom as he spreads his legs wide for Drew and lies down so Luca’s freshly fucked hole can grind into his face. With Luca now pounding him, Holden busts his load right before Luca nuts on his still-stiff dick, and Drew cums all over Luca’s used cheeks.
26  minutes
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Devin Franco is in desperate need of having a stranger’s cock deep inside his pink asshole. He stands in the doorway overlooking the hotel pool, presenting his stiff dick and fuckable peach to muscular sunbather Alex Ink, who is quick to stand up and follow the horny vacationer inside. Getting right to it, Alex spreads Devin’s cheeks apart to rim his delicious hole before sliding in his fingers and then pumping him full of meat. He next drills Devin`s ass in multiple directions until Devin is ready to ride Alex’s bareback cock and give the stranger a taste of his load. Alex immediately returns the favor as he nuts on Devin’s bare ass and scoops up his cum for Devin to eat as an after-fuck treat.
26  minutes
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With their ready-to-fuck dicks, juicy ass cheeks and fur-covered torsos, the scruffy studs of Raging Stallion are, without question, ‘Well Bred’. Award-winning filmmaker Tony Dimarco showcases five 100% raw hookups featuring a crew of men who have set out to the Palm Springs desert to unload in and on each other. First, at the home of Lobo Carreira and Alex Ink, burly landscaper Justin Jett is welcoming himself inside and joining the horny couple for a midday three-way. Then, just down the road, Brogan is bent over and snapping hole pics in his hotel suite when Miguel Rey walks by and takes the opportunity to drill his ass. Hungry for more, Lobo sets his sights on hirsute traveler Cole Connor as his next big conquest as he showers with, flip-fucks and eats the cum of the salt-and pepper hunk. Vacationer Luca del Rey is the next to take cock from a stranger as he wanders by a neighboring hotel room and catches Drew Valentino and Holden Flex getting ready to fuck bareback. Over by the resort pool, Devin Franco is already hard and on the hunt for an afternoon nut as he signals for sunbather Alex Ink to come inside his room and dick him down.

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