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What`s Your Kink?

What`s Your Kink?
Cocky Boys
  • Anal Sex
  • Bareback
  • Blindfold
  • Bondage
  • Kissing
  • Oral Sex
  • Rimming
109 min

Jake Jaxson

    all models over 18    
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Adrian Hart

Angel Rivera

Avery Jones

Dante Colle

Troye Jacobs

Zeke Wood

Austin Wolf
Ty Mitchell

Troye Jacobs makes his CockyBoys debut exploring his simple kink: getting used by a hot top. Enter Austin Wolf who is more than happy to make this fantasy happen in his own inimitable way. Austin eases Troye into it, holding and caressing him, and slowly feeding him his cock. Then, holding Troye`s arms behind a chair Austin sensually strokes his cock before slipping his fingers under Troye`s balls, fingering his hole & kissing him. And with that Troye is seduced, taking Austin`s cock into his throat. Austin continues to kiss & stroke Troy and even suck him back before fingering his hole again. When Austin sits down, Troye eagerly gets on his knees sucks him deep and power through his gag reflex. Austin reaches around to finger his hole and murmurs "good boy" type praise to Troye who soon takes his subtle commands with a "Yes Sir" and sits on Austin`s cock. Austin holds Troye using his hole before letting him ride his cock. As Troye rides Austin facing the mirror, he really gets used as he wanted. Austin holds him by the throat and grinds into him while slipping in his fingers. Soon though Austin carries Troye to bed to fuck him on his back. Austin holds him by the throat and nearly pounds him off the edge of the bed before he flips him over to fuck him from behind with his brand of passionate manhandling. Austin puts Troye into a 69 position and works over Troye`s hole again while the sub feeds on his cock. Austin lets Troye sit and grind on his cock one more time before he takes control and fucks him on his back, steadily until Troye shoots his load. Right way Austin strokes himself and as he starts to shoot. he slides back into Troye for an intense, quivering orgasm and mutual euphoria.
31  minutes
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In this episode, guest directed by Tayte Hanson, dynamic bottom Avery Jones has been "expanding" his kink and he believes he`s just the right one to help scene partner Dante Colle explore his kinky side. And once Avery spells out what he likes, Dante is pretty sure there`s some fun in store---with Avery leading the way. After they start kissing, Avery sucks Dante`s finger and guides him to finger him and it isn`t long before Dante slips in more digits to fuck his tight hole. Turning Avery around, Dante gets into it, stretching Avery`s hole with 4 fingers and worshipfully licking it. When slaps his ass, Avery presses him to go harder. All this works up Dante who strips down and with his cock standing to attention, he slides it into Avery`s spit-lubed hole. Dante fucks Avery and though they both mutually love the feel, he pulls out to manhandle Avery`s hole again before resuming his drilling. Soon though it`s Avery who switches it up by showing off his oral skills, through sucking Dante`s big dick and balls as he sits back relishing the pleasure. After Avery gulps him down and slobbers over every inch , he climbs up and sits on Dante`s slick cock and takes every deep thrust. At one point Dante takes more control and lifts Avery up to fuck him in mid-air before putting him on his back to plow him. Dante takes a break only to turn Avery around and fuck his throat, 69 with him, and eat his hole before turning him around again to drill him. Dante is relentless as he finally fucks a load out of Avery and pulls out to cream over his hole and breed him with it. Dante kisses Avery but he`s drawn back to run his fingers over Avery`s freshly fucked hole and marvel at it.
24  minutes
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Adrian Hart & Zeke Wood meet for the first time and in this episode, guest directed by Tayte Hanson, they find out they share being a power verse sex partner: easily flipping between dom top and power bottom..and anywhere in between. Zeke & Adrian are into each other from the start, sensually making out at length and getting naked with their sexy bodies entwine. Zeke can`t hold back anymore and goes down on Adrian`s girthy cock. Zeke feasts on it and pleases Adrian who feeds him more and face-fucks him. And, knowing what Adrian wants, Zeke sits on his face for ass-eating while continuing to suck his big dick. Adrian enjoys Zeke`s cock too while still eating his hole, prepping him for what`s next. At one point Zeke sits up and makes his move sliding down on Adrian`s cock and riding him They quickly get in sync with an energetic give and take, finding positions to give each other pleasure. And after Zeke bounces up and down and grinds on Adrian`s cock, they effortlessly flip the switch. Adrian turns over and Zeke pounds him from behind and gets on top and drills him, only stopping once to rim Adrian`s bubble butt. Soon, the guys switch again with Adrian getting Zeke on his back and flipping his legs to lap at his hole again. Adrian soon resumes fucking Zeke, steadily with perfectly focused thrusting action that produces unexpected results: Zeke shoots his load hands-free! An excited Adrian lubes his cock with the jizz to keep fucking Zeke who cums a second time with greater intensity. Adrian pounds him until he pulls out, shoots over Zeke`s hole, and breeds him, almost fucking him off the bed! Zeke is oblivious to this, totally spent and on a post-sex high, punctuated by Adrian`s kiss.
20  minutes
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We`ve saved the kinkiest & most compatible match-up for last: Angel Rivera and Ty Mitchell! Angel craves the trust & intimacy to tie up and dominate someone, while Ty wants to be overpowered and used like a toy. Ty reveals his erogenous trigger points and Angel goes for it: playing with Ty`s sensitive nipples, fingering his hole and giving his cute ass a slap or two. But soon Angel takes his domination to the next level by sitting Ty down against the back of a swivel chair, binding his wrists and blindfolding him with black electrical tape. As Angel plays with Ty`s exposed hole, he pulls his face to his fulsome crotch and it isn`t long before he`s feeding his cock to Ty`s eager mouth..while fingering him. Angel soon focuses on Ty`s butt by swiveling him around, eating his hole and probing him more before sliding in his cock and pounding him. Angel mixes affection with domination: he passionately kisses Ty and spanks his bubble butt and strokes his cock before shoving him on top of the bed, fucking him hard and holding him down. Now entrenched in their dom-sub dynamic, Ty follows Angel`s orders and moans with pleasure at getting manhandled just as Angel relishes the smack talk and face-fucking him deep. He kicks up the bondage a little more by binding the still blindfolded Ty`s wrists and ankles together and really making him his sex toy. Angel fucks him on his back, then alternates between sitting on his face and getting rimmed and face-fucking Ty over the edge of the bed. Turning Ty around again Angel rims him then drills him on his back. Seeing Ty`s pleasure under his control, Angel takes more by stroking him while he fucks. He then toys with Ty by continuing to jerk him while sucking his feet and inserting more fingers in his hole when turning him on his side. While Ty in this position, Angel removed the blindfold and plows him before HE goes over the edge. He pulls out to shoot his thick load over Ty`s hole and into him. And in one more exertion of his dominance, Angel unties Ty and strokes him until giving him ab intense orgasm & milking him dry. If you want to see the pure ecstasy of kink fulfilled, just look at their satisfied smiling faces!
35  minutes
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We explore the Joy Of Kink. Be it a fetish or a simple turn-on, mild-to-wild, kink can make us very horny and happy if done right. Kink play is everything from Virtual Sex, Dom/Sub, Orgasm Control, Bondage, Pup Play, Intergenerational, Foot Fetish, to Voyeurism and Sadism/Masochism — all Kink is good Kink, as long as you have established boundaries and enthusiastic consent. So, take the time to explore and ask yourself ...What’s Your Kink?

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