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When Sparks Fly

When Sparks Fly
Studio 2000
  • 3-Way
  • Anal Sex
  • Handjobs
  • Kissing
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  • Rimming
83 min

Paul Barresi

    all models over 18    
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Alec Martinez
Alex Michaels
Brett Wilde
Drew Larson
Matt Hunter

Noah Walker
Rob Kirk
Troy Michaels
Zachery Scott

Larson throws a Christmas party that also includes foreskinned fan fave Alec Martinez, and hunky look-alikes Alex Michaels and Matt Hunter. Naturally, they all start reminiscing about their past horny holidays and the randy rods they`ve all enjoyed. First up, hyper-hosed Noah Walker remembers a Valentine`s Day when super-straight studlet, Rob Kirk, came into his store looking for a gift for his girl. In no time at all, long and lean Walker is sucking Kirk`s cock. Straight-boy Kirk has no problem returning the favor. After a rousing session of 69, the challenge cums when Kirk decides to sit on Walker`s woodie for a wild ride. It`s obviously a tight fit, but between them, they make it work.
20  minutes
Halloween gets really scary when cop Zachary Scott busts a party that`s gotten a little out of hand, and ends up in a threeway with Alex Michaels and Matt Hunter. Of course the cop costume is a bit intimidating, unlike the more festive Gladiator and Cowboy guises. But once the three are naked it`s every man for himself. You will thrill to the amazing cocksucking close-ups and if you`re a rimming fan, there are some shots of Scott munching butt that`ll knock your socks off. After some astounding assfucking, all three shoot torrents of sparking, white lava all over one another.
22  minutes
The Fourth of July finds Patriotic hottie Alec Martinez taking in the fireworks and the sizzle of pick-up Brett Wilde. Speedos are soon shucked as Wilde and Martinez roll about the bed kissing and trading blowjobs. Martinez`s formidable foreskinned fuckstick proves to be a taste treat for Wilde, and they are soon locked in an embrace from which Wilde just can`t declare his independence. Martinez, for his part, deep throats with delight, and fucks the bejeezus out of Wilde in both missionary and doggie positions. Big dicks = big loads.
18  minutes
Christmas is the always the most special holiday, and so it is here. Luscious Larson`s party breaks up and Baby-doll Troy Michaels tells him why they can`t. Rejected, Larson, in Christmas Carol fashion dreams of how they can. And what a wild and wet dream it is! By a raging fire, atop a fluffy white rug, underneath the proverbial Christmas tree, Michaels gives Larson his present. These two powerhouses pleasure each other with passion. You will not believe Larson deep-throating Michaels` massive member. Michaels gives as good as he gets, and moans with uncontrollable lust as Larson fucks him every which way he can. The fire in Michaels` eyes makes it clear to all that he loves getting plowed by Larson`s big shovel. This scene is the perfect combination of vintage Studio 2000 and rock`em, sock`em Paul Barresi.
23  minutes
Nobody knows better than Studio 2000 that holidays make sparks fly and hunks horny. And how better to celebrate those holidays than with explosive director, Paul Barresi, making his virgin voyage for Studio 2000. The picture is When Sparks Fly and is instantly notable for being the first high-profile product to feature gorgeously rough-hewn, virile, and dynamic Drew Larson. This dark-haired, furry-chested, club-cocked new face in town is going places fast and trust Studio 2000 and Paul Barresi to launch this shooting star. The rest of the cast is facially and phallically flawless, starting with adorable porn cutie Noah Walker and big-dicked blond bombshell Troy Michaels.

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