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Whoppers Three

Whoppers Three
Hot House
  • 3-Way
  • Anal Sex
  • Doublefucking
  • Flogging
  • Oral Sex
  • Outdoor Sex
  • Rimming
121 min

Steven Scarborough

    all models over 18    
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Aiden Shaw
Brad Patton
Enzo Grimaldi
Jon Ashe
Kent North

Marc Williams
Mario Ortiz
Matt Cole
Nick Piston
Rafael Alencar

Rick Gonzales
Sky Donovan
Tag Adams
Trevor Knight

There’s nothing hotter than the sight of Brad Patton’s monster meat stuffed into a yellow Speedo. Well, actually there is something hotter; for instance, when the Speedo comes off and the unreal cock comes jumping out. It’s simply the most astonishing cock in the business today; but it’s also attached to the sexiest blonde Goliath (Brad’s an ice speedskater – the legs and ass are as big as they come!) Sexy newcomer Matt Cole is the perfect match for Brad and their performance in this final scene is so over-the-top passionate it’s gotta be seen to be believed! The camera just loves covering these two bodies – especially when Matt rolls back on his shoulders for Brad to feast on his hole. After teasing his hole with his tongue, Brad soon moves to the task at hand: stuffing his giant club into Matt’s juicy hole. Brad absolutely fucks the living daylights out of him, prompting us to promote Matt to the title of Hot House Powerbottom. After fucking the entire afternoon away, these two dogs in heat dump their loads.
21  minutes
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As Aiden Shaw leaves the arcade, he passes Hot House Exclusive Dick Wolf leaning against a graffiti-covered bookstore wall. As he turns around to check him out, a bright red truck passes by, hits the brakes and backs up to reveal innocent looking Tag Adams behind the wheel. Shaw jumps into the passenger seat without hesitation and rides off for another hook-up – leaving a disappointed Dick Wolf behind. Knowing that he’s got plenty of time before his coworkers arrive, Adams takes Shaw to his job site, a huge warehouse South of Market. They barely make it up the stairs before both men are naked and Adams falls to his knees to worship Shaw’s giant tool. Adams proves to be anything but innocent as he greedily licks, sucks and deep-throats every inch of Shaw’s huge piece. Desperate from the oral servicing, Adams shouts “I want that cock in my ass!” Eager to oblige, Shaw fucks the ever-loving hell out of him! From one end of the warehouse to the other Shaw drills his power tool deeper and deeper into Adams’ bottomless hole, leaving him wide-eyed and drenched in sweat and cum. Shaw hurriedly gets dressed to leave, barely stopping long enough to take awestruck Adams’ phone number.
23  minutes
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Enzo Grimaldi is drawn and quartered facedown on a four-poster bed, his giant, lightly hairy ass bulging out of his jock. Nick Piston takes a riding crop and begins to whip the lily-white mounds until they begin to turn rose and purple from the repeated lashing. Trevor Knight stands in the background stuffing his 11 inch pipe through a glory hole in the door of the isolation chamber where Kent North is being held. Nick continues to lash Enzo’s ass, forcing him to beg for more, then decides to share him with his buddy Trevor. The two tagteam his mouth, then lie him down and begin to assault his blistered butt with their enormous dicks. Trevor deep dicks him first, effortlessly sliding his prick in and out with astonishing speed. Enzo moves onto all fours next as Nick takes him from behind and puts all of his giant 200 pound frame into each thrust. The cum begins to fly as the men reach a fevered climax and cry out in low guttural tones.
20  minutes
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Sky Donovan, behind bars, stares longingly at Jon Ashe’s monsterous cock. Donovan amazingly manages to get most of Ashe’s cock in his mouth (he must have a trick jaw!) Ashe takes Donovan into a side room where he impales Donovan on his gigantic sword. No pain, no gain!
14  minutes
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Tag Adams has no idea what kind of trouble he’s about to find when not one but two big-dicked Hispanic boys (Mario Ortiz and Rick Gonzales) approach looking for service. If you like your meat big and brown (and we mean BIG), this filthy three-way will leave you breathless. Adams is immediately put to work on his knees as the two tag team his mouth with their giant pingas. We’re still trying to figure out how he fit both of their cocks in his mouth at the same time! Mario and Rick really get off on hearing the little white boy gag on their horsecocks. Unable to hold off any longer, Mario shoots a big spray of white jizz all over the black floor. Then Gonazales decides he wants Tag all to himself. He orders Mario to get the fuck away from his bitch, then begins to punish-fuck Tag. The camera takes you from position to position until Tag is rolled back onto his neck with his butt straight up in the air. On a scale of 1-10, this fuck’s a 15! Gonzales shoots the biggest, thickest white load onto his upturned white ass, causing Tag to dump straight into his own open mouth.
20  minutes
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Kent North, the biggest pig-bottom in the business, gets his fill when he takes on horse-hung stallions Marc Williams and Rafael Alencar. Alencar stands in front of North, ramming his 11+ inch rock-hard cock deep down his throat while Williams and his 11 incher power-fuck North’s greedy hole. Both horse-hung tops want to shove their meat deep into North’s hole so they throw North on the ground and roll him over onto his shoulders. At first they take turns, shoving their clubs in deep, one at a time. Eventually both 11×7 inch cocks slide into North’s ass. Williams and Alencar show North no mercy as they punish his hole until they both shoot hot loads all over North’s gaping manhole.
23  minutes
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Calling all lovers of big dicks! Open wide for Whoppers Three, a compilation of six hand-selected scenes starring some of the biggest stars in the business! These legendary horse-hung superstars bring you what you love: BIG DICKS!

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