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Wild Rangers

Wild Rangers
Centaur Films
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105 min

Chip Daniels

    all models over 18    
© 2002 Centaur Films Inc. All Rights Reserved


Adam Wolfe

Brad McGuire

Brandon Weber

Brock Masters

Kirk Kelley

Sean Paris

Clay Foxe
Corey Beau
Dylan Scott

Action begins at a campsite where the twinky, barely legal, hungry butted Kirk Kelley enjoys a tongue lapping of his hard cock by lithe, handsome and beautifully butted newcomer, Clay Foxe. Soon he has Clay’s legs in the air, tormenting his eager butthole with an unbelievably oversized dildo. The action causes Kirk to shoot his hot load just as Ranger Brock, who has been watching from afar, bursts in to arrest the twosome for trespassing.
13  minutes
Kirk escapes the Ranger’s grasp but Clay does not. Brock soon has Clay paying for their crime by forcing his thick tool into Clay’s eager mouth, his nightstick into Clay’s tight asshole and finally a slam fuck that has Clay taking every inch of Brock’s gigantic cock. Afterwards Brock leaves Clay handcuffed naked to a signpost awaiting pickup by Ranger Brad McGuire, whose thick 9” uncut cock and hard body make him an imposing force.
12  minutes
Before Brad McGuire can pickup Clay, Clay is discovered by three campers, 9” thick dicked, handsome, Dylan Scott, 8”, uncut, swimmer’s build, smooth, Brandon Weber, and a new hunk, 8” chiseled bodybuilder, Sean Paris. They quickly focus all of their attention on Clay’s naked butt, spanking it red while he cries for help. Ranger Brad arrives just in time to breakup the attack, but while uncuffing Clay from the post, Clay quickly runs off into the forest, leaving Brad with the threesome.

Ranger Brad whips out his cock and demands service. Soon the four are entwined and every mouth and asshole is explored. In the process you’ll be amazed at just how much Dylan Scott’s hot manhole can take as Brandon Weber thrusts most of his hand into Dylan’s waiting hole, followed by fucks from and between Sean, Brandon and Brad. Before the action is over, 8” hung, Ranger Cory Bleau, has arrived to join in, and all five shoot gobs of manjuice over Brad’s muscled body.

27  minutes
Ranger Adam Wolfe, whose 8” cock and hard, chiseled body are always looking for action, is in pursuit of the naked Clay Foxe. In no time he quite literally has Clay Foxe up a tree where he proceeds to thrust his tongue, fingers and hard cock into Clay’s willing hole. This is probably the first time you’ve seen a sex scene in a tree and Chip Daniels’ direction and camera work are masterful. The two-way ends with a hard pounding of Clay’s hole on a park bench and hot cum from both spewed across Clay’s waiting body.
16  minutes
Ranger Adam is back on patrol and discovers a campfire built improperly. The irresponsible campers, Dylan Scott and Brandon Weber, are in their motor home, which is moving and shaking from the fucking going on inside. Adam interrupts their fun, dragging them out, and exchanges their butts and mouths for an arrest. Adam puts both of them through their paces as they service his cock, ending in streams of cum from all.
18  minutes
Ranger Brock has taken to the Withlahochee River in pursuit of his escaped trespasser, Kirk Kelley. He receives a timely tip from a camper that sends him to the right location. There Brock sneaks up on trespasser Kirk and is soon teaching him a lesson, shoving his 10” fuck stick into Kirk’s waiting mouth, and then rough fingering and punch fucking him in a scene where his butthole opens so wide you can see inside. Kirk’s dick begins to drip with pre-cum as Brock pounds away at his poke-hole, and he soon erupts all over his own belly. Brock continues his assault until he drops his own hot load all over Kirk’s face.
19  minutes
Shot entirely on location, outdoors, at the Sawmill Campground in S. Florida, Centaur exclusive Brock Masters returns from a two-year hiatus, in only his third movie, as Ranger Brock, sporting his 10” thick cock and increasingly buffed body. He, and fellow Rangers Adam, Brad and Cory, patrol the grounds of this 100 acre forest looking for lawbreakers who repeatedly bargain for their freedom using their cock hungry mouths and fuck holes.

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