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151 min

Brian Mills, Harold Creg

    all models over 18    
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Aaron Parker (a)

Ben Jakks

Carlos Morales

Chris Brady

Jace Hunter

Jack Ryan

Jon Galt

Parker Williams

Patrick Knight

Ray Dragon

Thomas Bond

Tony Serrano

At the end of the day, a secluded mountain cabin complete with roaring fire in the hearth is where two hairy-chested lovers come together for a roughhouse bout of sweaty mansex. In an unforgettable scene directed by TITAN master director, Bruce Cam, Ray Dragon and Jon Galt fiercely growl, wrestle and even do a little nestling. Their furry bodies are matted with spit; heavy strands of Jon’s saliva hang off the shiny head of Ray’s great cock. Both their members ooze sweet nectar as Ray buries his stubble-covered face deep in Jon’s ass. With Ray’s thick, rockhard cock bucking wildly in his rapidly constricting hole, Jon can’t help shooting. But instead of stopping there, Jon spreads his legs and begs for more. And he gets it, in a fierce and ferocious ride that leaves the musk-drenched pair covered in buckets of jizz and salty sweat.
40  minutes
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Beefy Ben Jakks (Gorge, R.E.M.) and taut Tony Serrano are the dusky-skinned backpackers who tear down their campsite with some muscular flip-flop fucking. But not before Jakks throws Serrano across an unfinished slab of sequoia and lubes Serrano’s cavernous crack with the spit of his eager tongue. Serrano feasts on Jakk’s tawny ass, too, and their lusty cock play and rimming makes their first rounds of cum spurt. And then they go for the ass-swapping fucks that wrench up even more juice.
30  minutes
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Loggers Patrick Knight and Aaron Parker have a whole lot more than just their permits checked by Ranger Jack Ryan, whose relentless ass assaults provoke multiple rounds of cum. The hot trio of sinewy men starts off with a three-way lip lock, before Knight breaks free to lick the husky aroma of man from Parker’s steamy armpit. Parker sinks to his knees and sucks both of their cocks into his mouth, leading them on to a chain of rimming that gets their holes so dripping wet all three of the guys just have to let their jizz cut loose. Climbing onto the bed of their truck, they’re now ready for the steely cock of Ranger Ryan. Parker’s first, and Ryan jackrabbits his meat meanly into a readily yielding ass. Standing up, Parker thrusts his aching boner into Knight’s mouth as Knight takes his turn squatting and rocking on Ryan’s slick pole.
31  minutes
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Things aren’t any calmer in the boathouse by the lake, where hard bodied blonde beauty Chris Brady makes an exciting debut tangling with his buddies, handsome Thomas Bond and barrelchested muscle daddy Jace Hunter. The buddies feast on Brady’s perfect white ass and sweet smooth hole, and when Brady sits on Bond’s face, their creamy cum flies. Without pause, the over-excited Bond pulls on a rubber and rocks Brady’s ass until all three can’t help shooting again.
22  minutes
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In the last scene, that bastion of white men’s sport, fly casting, gets a scalding dose of the Latin when hefty-hung Carlos Morales is the catch of the day for super hunk, Parker Williams. Parker’s cock exceeds the weight limit, too, and it shoves the spit outta the sides of Morales’ mouth. When Parker’s steamy ass-eating makes Morales cum in the rough-hewn blonde’s hand, the nasty top smears the thick manjuice into his buddy’s ass so he can split it wide with his thick, perfectly-shaped prick.
30  minutes
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Woodsmen is the kind of classic movie that made the TITAN name, with twelve hardy and hairy men freshly invigorated by the great outdoors. Glorious summer in California’s High Sierras makes legendary star Ray Dragon lustier than ever, and he’s joined by TITAN Exclusives Patrick Knight and Ben Jakks, plus favorites Carlos Morales, Jack Ryan, Jon Galt, and six more lusty examples of classic TITAN manhood.

It’s not only that it’s natural to have sex outdoors that has given Woodsmen its expansive feeling. Released from the concerns and pace of the city, these already rough and raunchy guys reach a more primal and personal level, and Woodsmen mirrors their feeling with unrushed, extended scenes that give you more satisfying foreplay and kissing, as well as more cock play before orgasm, and more cum play after.


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