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Workout That Hole

Workout That Hole
Club Inferno
  • 3-Way
  • Anal Sex
  • Bareback
  • Fisting
  • Kissing
  • No Sex
  • Oral Sex
  • Rimming
89 min

Tom Moore

    all models over 18    
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Andrew Connor

Apollo Fates

Jim Fit

Wolfie Braden Shaw

Jim Fit and Andrew Connor are almost ready for the big match, but coach Wolfie Braden Shaw is still looking for a way to redirect some of their pent-up energy. With the two athletes bent over on the mat and their bare asses in the air, the bearded trainer begins solving his problem by sliding his hands into both of their sweaty holes. Each of the athletes emits a constant stream of moaning as their coach simultaneously fists them both in the middle of their home gym. Now squatting onto each of his burly hands, the two stretched-out jocks spits out their loads until they’re completely drained and ready to get back to their training.
26  minutes
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Muscled jocks Jim Fit and Andrew Connor are taking a break from throwing swings at a punching bag and are now using their fists in a more unconventional way with coach Wolfie Braden Shaw. With both athletes naked on the mat, the horny trainer swallows each of their dicks to the base before getting on all fours for them to take turns barebacking and fisting his hairy hole. Once Andrew begins stuffing his hand into his bearded coach’s ass, Wolfie fills the gym with the sound of his overpowering deep grunts. Jim then takes control as he fists and fucks Wolfie until the hairy daddy takes control of his own cock and finishes himself off.
20  minutes
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Jim Fit and Apollo Fates know that they’re not supposed to practice in the gym unless they’re in full uniform, but the two love staring at each other’s exposed muscles too much to follow the rules. Once each of them is shirtless, Jim cuts his training short for the chance to have Apollo swallow his already-hard cock and rim his smooth hole. Hungry for more, Apollo thrusts his bareback dick between Jim’s cheeks before bringing his hands in to fist the bubble butt jock. Apollo fills and toys with Jim’s wrecked hole as Jim puts on a smile and begs to be drilled harder by the athlete’s muscular arm. With a few more pumps, a satisfied Jim is soon busting a hot load all over his defined abs and is ready to hit the showers.
23  minutes
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Naked and stroking off in the middle of their gym, Jim Fit and Apollo Fates are ready to stretch some hole and push the physical limits of their bodies. Jim kicks things off by sucking off Apollo’s cock, rimming his sweaty hole, and barebacking his muscular ass. Ready to see how much more Apollo can actually take, Jim lubes up his hand and slowly begins working in his fingers until Apollo’s ass is wrapped around his wrist. The bottom’s eyes rush to the back of his head as Jim continuously pounds his insides on the mat. Unable to take much more, Apollo begins unloading his balls all over himself with Jim then exiting his obliterated backdoor to expose the worn athlete’s bright pink insides.
20  minutes
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The best way to break a sweat on the mat is to ‘Workout That Hole’. Acclaimed fetish director Tom Moore brings you this fisting feature following four gaping jocks who are about to learn that in this gym, punching bags aren’t the only things able to take a fist. When coach Wolfie Braden Shaw needs to redirect the pent-up energy of athletes Jim Fit and Andrew Connor, the bearded trainer has his boys point their holes to the sky and take his rugged fists. The two jocks then turn the tables by barebacking and fisting Wolfie until the end of their intense hands-on training session. Later, Apollo Fates convinces Jim Fit to break the coach’s rules and practice in the gym while out of uniform. The two break the rules even further by stripping down to fill Jim Fit’s muscular ass and fully fist Apollo Fate’s sweaty hole. While this gym may be a little too physically demanding for some, anyone that loves to ‘Workout That Hole’ will feel right at home with all these stretched-out jocks and their demolished assholes.

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