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World Series of Fisting

World Series of Fisting
Club Inferno
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165 min

Tom Moore

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Colin Bryant

Hugh Hunter

Joey D

Sam Syron

Axel Abysse

Hugh Hunter is Sam Syron`s fisting coach and it`s all come down to the big competition at the Fisting All Stars Championship Arena. Hugh gives Sam a pep talk and some final tips on the night before the competition. As a thank you for all of Hugh`s hard work and dedication to training him, Sam gives Hugh the ultimate present with a nice sloppy blowjob. Hugh`s cock is extra thick and Sam needs to open his mouth almost as wide as his gaping asshole to fit the whole thing down his throat. Sam loves sucking his coach`s cock but he`s still a little nervous about the competition and asks for one last training session. Hugh agrees that a final hole stretching might be in order and starts by cramming his fat rod deep into Sam`s butt. He slams his protege`s ass in a nice long fuck session before asking Sam if his ass is ready for something bigger. Sam doesn`t even hesitate and assumes the fisting position as Hugh puts on his gloves and lubes up his big hands. “Thank you, coach!” Sam says as Hugh slides his fingers into Sam`s crack. Hugh works his way up to full insertion by alternating hands and going a little deeper with each plunge. Sam still needs some coaching and Hugh barks out commands as his fist slides wrist deep into his star athlete. Sam`s hole is finally nice and stretched before the World Series and as a reward to Sam for his hard work and constant dedication, Hugh blows his big load all over Sam`s tight and tatted chest and stomach.
28  minutes
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Sam is back in the arena and after taking Hugh`s load all over him, he`s ready for more training. Hugh means business and this time he`s going to really get Sam opened up and ready to compete. He slides his fist deep into Sam`s sloppy hole. “Come on, you can take it!” Hugh yells out as Sam moans and begs for Hugh to go deeper inside. Hugh wants to see how big Sam can make his rosebud and pulls out to let the fisting student do his thing. Not wanting to let his coach down, he squeezes his asshole inside out to show off his bright red ass lining. Sam wants to impress Hugh any way he can and reaches around to do the third hand maneuver by shoving his own hand up his ass. “Show me that you`re a champion!” Hugh yells out to his protege. Sam repositions himself to get Hugh as deep inside as he can possibly go and then rolls around to show Hugh that he`s ready to be a winner. Sam wants to cum for his coach and jacks his long, uncut cock as his balls dangle down his taint. He lets out a wail and shoots a thick, creamy load all over his milky white body. “I think you`re ready,” Coach says reassuringly before the two go off to rest up for the competition
16  minutes
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Joey D is the fisting coach for Colin Bryant and Axel Abysse and he`s ready to have one last training session to make sure the boys are in shape for the World Series of Fisting. To start, Joey wants to feel the appreciation for all his hard work training the guys. He unzips his pants and whips out his big veiny cock for Colin and Axel to worship. Colin and Axel don`t want to let their coach down and they get to work sucking his cock and ass. Once Joey feels like his athletes have paid enough homage to his big dick, he bends Colin over and slides his throbbing pole deep inside the blonde`s blossoming ass. Joey pounds away making Colin moan out with every thrust from his hips. Not wanting to be left out, Axel joins the action by offering up his hole for the coach to stretch with his cock. Joey`s cock feels great going in and out and Axel tops off the fun by snacking on Colin`s used up hole. After a nice long fuck session, Joey thinks the guys are ready for his fists. Colin and Axel bend over and offer up their holes. Joey dips his gloved hands in a vat of grease and simultaneously slides each of his fists deep into his star fisting athletes. Joey wants to give the guys maximum pleasure and spins his fists inside their extra stretched asses as he continues to maintain a depth of wrist-deep. When the coach is convinced his guys are warmed up and stretched out from his training session, he sidles up behind Colin and jacks his cock until it explodes in the air and showers his proteges with a rewarding geyser of cum.
25  minutes
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Round two of final training has come for Axel Abysse and Colin Bryant on the night before the World Series of Fisting. Joey D is their trainer and he knows time is of the essence so gets to the point without wasting any time. Colin is the first to get his hole trained and he lies back with his legs in the air for Joey to stretch with his large, closed fist. Axel isn`t left out of this round of training either as Colin eats his ass and takes Joey up to the forearm. Once Joey is convinced that Colin will do well in the competition, he calls for the guys to switch it up. Axel is excited to once again get the coach`s fist up his butt and he eagerly gets on his back and spreads his legs wide. His excitement shows through as he gives a big smile and lets his rosebud bulge. The coach takes time to rub the bulging protrusion, making it even more exciting for Axel to get the fist. The coach doesn`t hold back this round. He knows that the competition tomorrow will be fierce and he wants to make sure Axel and Colin are ready for anything that could come their way. Joey starts by sliding one open fist into Axel and works his way up to a two-handed frenzy. He alternates fists in and out as Axel closes his eyes and takes in all the sensations his lucky body is handing out. When Joey knows for certain that his men are worthy of the competition, he lets the guys lie back and reward themselves with a milking session that leaves the guys covered in their own thick layer of cream.
17  minutes
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The big day is finally here, and the World Series of Fisting panel of judges with Tom Moore, Hugh Hunter, and Joey D, is ready to choose the best fisting bottom in the world. Representing France is Axel Abysse with his massive rosebud, and keeping the Irish proud is Sam Syron, with his gaping hole just ready to take on the competition. With the categories of best self fister, best rosebud, deepest penetration, best punch fistee, and widest gaping hole, these guys have their work cut out for them. The judges are experts and the contestants are hungry for success. Axel and Sam start out facing each other as Hugh and Joey grease up their fists. Both guys get their holes stretched to the limits as their rosebuds bloom bigger and harder with each punch of the fist. The competitors are eager to show off and move into self-fisting as each of them slams their own holes, alternating fists and groaning hard as they strive for the ultimate deep self-fisting penetration. After a satisfying round of self-appreciation, the guys go back into getting fisted by the judges with Hugh and Joey each going wrist deep into their respective fistees. The anticipation of hitting the finish line takes over and each of the judges pulls out their massive dicks and dumps a load. Joey is the first to let loose all over Sam`s tight body. Hugh soon follows suit and leaves Axel`s tank top drenched with jizz. After all of that, the competition isn`t quite done. Who will walk away as the world champion of fisting?
38  minutes
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********* FOOT FISTING ************** The scoring for the competition is close and it`s wide open as to who could win. As a bonus round, the judges decide to submit the contestants to getting footed to see who has what it takes to come out on top. Hugh Hunter and Joey D prepare their feet for the bonus round before Sam Syron and Axel Abysse enter to start the competition. Sam takes on Joey and Axel pairs with Hugh as they grease up and hop on the feet. The toes enter the gaping holes and the guys begin bouncing. Axel wants to show off his presentation and lets his rosebud make an appearance before he continues with a foot up his ass. Sam pulls ahead with technique and gets the foot punching down to impress the judges. It`s a close game with lots of grinding and grunting and feet going further into each of their assholes. Axel and Sam take on different techniques to get the deepest penetration with a variety of bouncing and writhing to get the job done. Each of the guys gets ankle deep and keeps going to prove that they`re the winner. When the judges have seen all they need to see, they reward the guys with a round of jacking off where both Sam and Axel get the release they need from a hard day of extreme fisting competition. When the jizz hits the floor, the winner is chosen, and this year`s World Series of Fisting champion walks away with the golden trophy.
41  minutes
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Welcome to the `World Series of Fisting`, where gaping holes, deep fist penetration, and raging rosebuds rule the day. The competition is stiff and the contestants hail from around the world to show off for the judges just how deep they can take a fist. On the night before the competition, Hugh Hunter shows his star athlete the fisting arena. Sam Syron wants one final training session and after Hugh plunges his thick cock into Sam`s ass, he finishes him off with a wrist deep fist up his gaping hole. After Hugh blasts a load all over Sam, they both agree that Sam needs one more round before the big day. Sam once again bends over and lets the coach shove his hand up his ass. Sam`s rosebud is at full capacity when he slams his own fist inside himself and shoots a geyser of sperm all over his own milky white body. Joey D has been coaching Axel Abysse and Colin Bryant to compete in the World Series. The night before the competition, Joey gets some appreciation from his guys for all the hard work he`s been putting in with some hardcore cock and ball worship. After getting throbbing hard, Joey fucks each of the guys before fisting them at the same time. After all of that, Joey still isn`t convinced his men are ready so calls for a second last minute training session. He goes forearm deep into Colin and the gives Axel`s protruded asshole a double-fisted stretching before he calls it a night and lets the guys drain their balls. When the big day arrives, Axel and Sam go head to head in direct competition. With the categories of best self fister, best rosebud, deepest penetration, best punch fistee, and widest gaping hole, these guys have their work cut out for them. The competition is close and a bonus round is needed to see who can best take a foot up their ass. Sam and Axel bend over and hop on Hugh and Joey`s feet to ride them all the way to the championship. Who will come out on top and who will go home empty fisted?

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