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Worship Me

Worship Me
NS Originals
  • Anal Sex
  • Bareback
  • Oral Sex
  • Rimming
95 min

Marc MacNamara

    all models over 18    
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Cade Maddox

Cliff Jensen

Devin Franco

Drew Valentino

JC Hunt

Liam Hunt

Morgxn Thicke

Cade Maddox may have been knocked down during his last battle with ‘The Swords’, but that doesn’t mean he’s incapable of rising again to be worshiped as the porn god he truly is. Escaping to Big Bear, Cade starts his new chapter by blessing JC Hunt with the opportunity to adore his thick cock and perfect build. JC raves about the taste and size of Cade’s member before throwing his legs in the air and having Cade rim his hole in preparation for the bareback pounding he’s about to receive. Once Cade is inside him, JC moans in appreciation as Cade’s big dick slides in and out of his juicy asshole, even begging the star stud to open him up even more. With both men ready to blow, Cade holds JC’s legs apart as the grateful bottom unloads onto his own torso before Cade pulls out to unleash his nut directly into JC’s mouth.
26  minutes
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When Devin Franco craves the taste of a raw cock and warm nut, he knows he can turn to Cliff Jensen to help satisfy his every need. Dropping to his knees, Devin shows his appreciation for Cliff’s hard-on by swallowing down the girthy hog and savoring its flavor. The two 69 with Cliff’s big dick being pumped into Devin’s open throat before Cliff spits on Devin’s hole and slides his bareback cock deep into Devin. Thankful for the intense pounding he’s receiving, Devin looks back at his ass being drilled and drops his jaw as Cliff speeds up his thrusting and spanks Devin’s muscular cheek until it’s bright red. Now on his back with his thick thighs spread far apart, Devin sprawls himself across a faux fur throw as he’s climaxing and then repositions himself to eat the creamy load from Cliff that he so desperately needs.
23  minutes
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JC Hunt is in awe of the stunning size of Drew Valentino’s long cock and the thick blanket of hair that covers Drew’s entire body. Drew is more than happy to let the gob-smacked bottom worship his build as JC falls to his knees to begin servicing his already-hard member while praising just how good Drew’s big dick tastes. After eating out JC’s tan-lined bubble butt, Drew takes a seat so JC can comfortably ride his impressive cock. The grateful bottom’s uncut meat flops around as he uses all his energy to bounce up and down on Drew’s rod. Now spreading his hairy legs so Drew can continue the bareback dicking, JC uses one hand to stroke himself off and the other to grasp onto Drew’s chest hair until he’s covering himself in cum. Drew then begins hitting JC’s delicious ass from behind until he’s ready to pull out and bust his nut onto JC’s smooth cheeks.
22  minutes
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Liam Hunt is eager to give his body over to Morgxn Thicke while appropriately adoring every inch of the muscle stud’s fur-covered physique. After going in on Morgxn’s hairy pits and delivering a series of kisses to his massive arms, Liam wraps his mouth around the bodybuilder’s curved cock as Morgxn slides his hands across Liam’s exposed skin. Morgxn begins tonguing and fingering Liam’s grateful hole until Liam is ready to take on his thick bareback meat. Thankful for every thrust and begging for more, Liam lays his face on the dining room table as Morgxn’s big dick hits his G-spot from behind. The two take a break to 69 before Morgxn is once again inside Liam’s hole as Liam jerks off at the sight of his hirsute top flexing his muscles. Once he’s busted all over himself, Liam opens his mouth as Morgxn pulls out of his hole to unload onto Liam’s tongue.
25  minutes
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“You villainized me. You’ve punished me, but I rise again. Like a deity, you kneel before. Praise be. The power that runs through my veins. Surrender to me. ‘Worship Me’.” In the newest chapter of ‘The Swords’ saga from NakedSword Originals, award-winning director Marc MacNamara is following Cade Maddox as he rises from the ashes and escapes to the mountains to have his perfect body admired and adored the way it deserves to be. Filmed on location in Big Bear, the film opens with grateful bottom JC Hunt savoring the taste of Cade’s meat and begging for more as the superstar barebacks his juicy ass. In the same house, Cliff Jensen is the next to be fawned over as a horny Devin Franco seeks to satisfy his craving for Cliff’s cock by servicing and bottoming for the top’s super big dick. Eager to give his body over to another man, JC Hunt comes back for more only to be blown away by the intimidating size of Drew Valentino’s long rod and the deliciously thick hair that coats Drew’s entire body. Next, Liam Hunt uses all his energy to worship the fur-covered physique and curved cock of Morgxn Thicke as the bodybuilder flexes his massive arms and unloads directly into his open and appreciative mouth.

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