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Wrecking Crew

Wrecking Crew
Club Inferno
  • 3-Way
  • Ass Play
  • Bondage
  • Dildo
  • Fisting
  • Oral Sex
  • Spanking
  • Underwear
  • Voyeurism
97 min

Christian Owen

    all models over 18    
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Adam Russo
Anthony London
Evan Matthews
Jackson Lawless

Jimmy Durano
Rex Roddick
Tyler Saint
Tyson James

Evan Matthews thinks he’s alone on the job site so he pulls out one of his favorite tools: a huge 12” long by 8” around fake cock with a handle. Evans fucks himself, oblivious to the fact that Anthony London is watching him through a window. London comes in and takes over, plunging the giant ass weapon deeper and deeper into Matthews’ rosebud. Mathews gets on all fours and orders his big hairy coworker to shove his fist in his ass. As soon as London gets his arm inside him, Matthews sits down and swallows it to the elbow.
21  minutes
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Adam Russo catches his coworker Rex Roddick riding a big black dildo after hours on the job site. The tattooed young stud squats up and down on the huge fake cock and nearly swallows it to the base. To show his approval, Adam whips out his hard cock and jacks off then steps in to take over. He shoves the giant toy in Rex’s gaping hole and fucks him deep. Rex flips over on his back and spreads his asscheeks apart to show off his puckered butthole, prompting Adam to continue his anal assault with a series of huge dildos. Finally Adam stands up and jacks off, showering his buddy with cum.
20  minutes
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After a hard day on the job Tyson James needs some alone time. The hung asspig strips naked in an abandon stairwell and pulls out two huge dildos and a bottle of lube; he’s ready to work his hole. Tyson starts by riding a huge fake cock that he’s suctioned to the floor. He’s so caught up in his buttplay he doesn’t realize that he’s got company; Jimmy Durano is spying on him from the bottom of the stairs. When Tyson lies back on a stack of tires to work his hole with a new toy, he sees Jimmy and really puts on a show. Tyson fucks his own ass long and hard until Jimmy decides it’s time to move the party upstairs.
17  minutes
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Foreman Tyler Saint uses extreme measures to keep his employees in line. Just ask Jackson Lawless who Tyler has strung up in a closet, wearing only a jockstrap and a cockring. With his hands tied Jackson is defenseless as Tyler tugs on his cock and probes his ass with his fingers and tongue. Tyler decides he needs to take a closer look so he unties Jackson and throws him on all fours to inspect his hole. After injecting Jackson’s butthole with a load of lube Tyler puts on his black gloves and goes deep inside his employee’s ass. Jimmy Durano and Tyson James walk in on them and get down to their own twisted buttplay. Jimmy makes Tyson fetch a didlo with his mouth like a dog and begins to fuck him with it. Tyler keeps fisting Jackson while they watch the other two until Jackson can’t take it any more and Tyler pumps a load out of him.
21  minutes
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Jimmy Durano shows Tyson James no mercy as he pummel-fucks his ass with a big dildo. Tyler Saint oversees the anal assault while smacking James on the ass and jacking on the power-bottom’s big dick. Saint takes over so Durano can strip out of his overalls and force James to feed on Saint’s huge, thick cock. Saint pulls his rod out of the James’ mouth, jacks a load all over his back and leaves, giving Durano full permission to have his way with James. He shoves a massive weapon up James’ ass and stretches his hole to new extremes. Durano needs to get off so he shoves his thick Latin dick down James’ throat and makes him suck him dry.
18  minutes
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Meet the Wrecking Crew, a team of blue collar studs who specialize in hardcore asshole destruction. Punch the clock and walk onto a job site where you`ll witness professional holewreckers punching holes with giant dildos and big meaty fists - whatever it takes to turn these holes into quivering, loose, pushed out, wrecks.

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