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Wrestling Boys

Wrestling Boys
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90 min

Alan Blather

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Aaron Aurora

Daniel Johnson

Luke Desmond

Skylar Blu

Tony Parker

Jason Sutton
Levi Stevans
Owen Jackson
Rhys Chasey
Skye Romeo

When slender, pierced Skye Romeo watches the other dudes wrestling, it isn’t long before the bulge in his tight lycra training shorts starts to stretch the fabric. The strapping twink with the handsome blowjob lips is permanently horny, so he prefers to drag chav lad Owen into the backroom to get in some extra training – from his meaty dong to his tight hole. Owen slams hard into his young buddy’s bubblebutt!
13  minutes
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Boned up from a tussle on the wrestling mat, the tight shorts on young wrestlers Aaron Aurora and Rhys Casey can’t contain their straining cocks. Dark-haired Aaron is soon servicing his training partner’s XL dick with a hefty mouthfuck before Rhys buries his boner in his tight twink ass. Aaron moans in ecstasy while he’s fucked, wankin out his thick boysauce.
20  minutes
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The muscular new guy has to pass his initiation before he can become a full member oft he club. Three other fighters get to fuck Jason Sutton’s newbie hole until his balls are cooking! Luke Desmond and Daniel Johnson take turns ramming him with their XL fucktools while Owen Jackson gets sucked off. To finish off all of them blast their hot sperm over the new guy’s sixpack.
17  minutes
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The close body contact during wrestling training always means that sooner or later one of the lads grab a handful of package. Accidentally or on purpose? Strawberry blond Levi Stevans gets a hardon just from watching Luke and Jason while they train. There’s sex in the air – so full of sweat and testosterone – and so it’s only a matter of moments before the three extremely horny dudes are working on their swollen cocks...
20  minutes
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The wrestling club has actually already closed when bottom boy Skylar Blu and the somewhat older Tony Parker start their private oil-down session. The pair of them love top rub their bodies down with slippery oil, and of course their throbbing dongs and buff butts shouldn’t be left out. In the shadows of the oiling room Skylar is fucked into the floor.
9  minutes
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************BONUS*********** Two absolutely angelic studs - one wiry, the other buff - start massaging their immaculate bodies with oil. Once they’re glistening like two classic gladiators, an almost battle-ready weapon juts out from the loin-cloth. Andrej grasps his chance to rub the club until it is fully primed for use, then they provide a real fuck and suck feast for our eyes.
11  minutes
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At the wrestling club the trainers always aim to teach the fresh lads the newest holds and tricks. The only problem - these dangerously horny jocks prefer to train up their stiff cocks, and keep turning the wrestling ring into a dropsheet for fresh cum. Five mega-hot sessions guaranteed to make you bust some nutt!

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