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Wrong Side of the Tracks

Wrong Side of the Tracks
Rascal Video
  • 3-Way
  • Anal Sex
  • Circle Jerk
  • Group Oral
  • Group Sex
  • Kissing
  • Masturbation
  • Oral Sex
  • Rimming
  • Showering
315 min

Chi Chi LaRue

    all models over 18    
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Alex Rossi

Benjamin Bradley

Chad Savage

Eddie Stone

Jacob Slader

Jake Deckard

Jan Fischer

Joey Jay

Johnny Hazzard

Kevin Brown

Luca DiCorso

Luke Strong

Marcus Iron

Pete Ross

Shane Rollins

Theo Blake

Tommy Ritter

Trevor Knight

Tyler Riggz

Johnny Hazzard and his boyfriend Shane Rollins hook up in an abandoned boiler room. After sucking and rimming each other the two street wise thugs take turns fucking one another. After they are done the two talk about their plans to get out of the trailer park they have been stuck in, but Johnny’s sexually abusive step-father has different plans for Johnny.
36  minutes
Johnny decides he’s had enough of his life in the hood and heads off to bid farewell to his gang of buddies. When he finds Kevin Brown, Jan Fischer and Benjamin Bradley they are breaking in the newest member of their gang, Pete Ross. The three guys gang bang Pete and leave him drenched in cum. Afterwards Johnny turns over leadership of the gang to Kevin Brown and he takes off to hitch hike his way into the big city.
38  minutes
Tyler Riggz picks up Johnny as he hitch hikes on his way into the city. With no money to stop and get a hotel room, the two retire to the back of Tyler’s van where he seduces Johnny and fucks him in exchange for the ride into town.
33  minutes
Johnny takes what little money he has on him to check into a seedy motel. He’s kept awake all night by two guys who are partying in the next room. Jacob Slader is having a wild time with street hustler Joey Jay. The two rim and suck one another as they tear the room apart.
24  minutes
Out on the street without a dime to his name Johnny meets Marcus Iron, a street smart hooker who shows him the ropes. Johnny’s first trick is a two for the price of one when Marcus makes a deal with a nerdy john played by Tommy Ritter. The three get it on in a dingy alley where Tommy fucks Marcus and then Johnny fucks Tommy. With a little experience under his belt Johnny decides he can start turning his own tricks, but his next encounter with a mysterious man ends with a gunshot.
42  minutes
While Johnny’s fate is in question, in a rich upscale neighborhood Chad Savage is getting ready for work while his boyfriend Luca DiCorso has other designs on how to get down to business. He lures Chad into the shower where the two suck each other off and shoot their loads. Eventually Chad does head off to work so that he can make enough money to support Luca in the lifestyle he is accustomed to. Chad arrives at work, expecting to have a meeting with his father but the receptionist informs him that his dad is busy with an interview. Chad’s father, Theo Blake, is interviewing sexy Alex Rossi and he has just the position for him… as a top. Theo sucks Alex off and then makes the new employee fuck his ass hard. As Chad is leaving the office he finds Johnny sleeping in the parking lot. Chad takes Johnny home so he can clean up and sets him up with a job interview to work in one of his father’s warehouses.
39  minutes
The boss, Luke Strong sizes Johnny up and decides that part of the application process will include sucking off both him and Jake Deckard. Johnny knows how to get the job done. After getting Jake and Luke fired up, Johnny and Luke take turns fucking Jake. Based on his performance, Luke offers Johnny the job.
40  minutes
Johnny rushes back to Chad’s house to tell him that he got the job, but when he gets there he doesn’t find Chad. What he does find is Luca having a poolside orgy with his buddies Damon DeMarco, Hunter James, Trevor Knight and Eddie Stone. Trevor buries his monster cock in Eddie and then Eddie teams up with Damon to give Luca a good hard fucking.
30  minutes
Fed up with his lover's sexual exploits, Chad finally gives him the boot and sets his eyes on the loyal Johnny. Finding themselves in Chad's bedroom, the two lovers undress in between sensual kisses, taking the time to worship and explore every inch of their bodies. The two end up in Chad's bed where they are quick to devour each other's hard cocks, moaning and writhing in pleasure. The romantic escapade continues with each of the guys taking turns with their tongue in the other's ass, before Chad fucks Johnny with his thick dick. The chemistry is undeniable, but how will Johnny's saga end?
33  minutes
After making a decision to leave his poor small town, leaving his boyfriend, his gang of thugs and stepfather behind, Johnny Hazzard makes his way to the big city to make a better life for himself. On the way he finds through a series of pitfalls that making his own way would not be as easy as he thought. Johnny soon learns that he can be taken advantage of as easily as he can hustle. After a dangerous event filled journey, Johnny runs into Chad Savage, a young man from the right side of the tracks. Johnny soon learns that LIFE'S problems and hassles don't care how much money you have. Chad's controlling father, conniving boyfriend and unhappy life forge the bond that ties these two young men together. Will this love be strong enough to survive?

Winner of Seven 2006 GAYVN Awards!

Best Picture: Wrong Side of the Tracks 1-2
Best Director: Chi Chi LaRue for Wrong Side of the Tracks 1-2
Best Actor: Johnny Hazzard for Wrong Side of the Tracks 1-2
Best Sex Scene: Johnny Hazzard, Tyler Riggz for Wrong Side of the Tracks PT 1
Best Solo Performance: Johnny Hazzard for Wrong Side of the Tracks PT 1
Best Editing: CH
Best Videography: Hue Wilde


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