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Young Guns

Young Guns
Centaur Films
  • 3-Way
  • Anal Sex
  • Glory Holes
  • Kissing
  • Oral Sex
  • Outdoor Sex
  • Rimming
127 min

Chip Daniels, Chris Steele

    all models over 18    
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Carter Longway

Drew Peters

Jason Renyolds

Jesse Zane

Kyle Lewis

Riley Scott

TJ Young

We begin our newest adventure during a `ride along` by our cameraman with rookie LAPD Officer Ford, played by Austin Grant. 22 year old Austin is tall, smooth and extremely handsome, with a perfect swimmer’s build, great ass and a gorgeous 10` supercock just made for conquering hot tight bad asses! Officer Ford is patrolling a neighborhood in an unmarked police car when dispatch alerts him to a possible residential break-in nearby. Responding to the scene, an upscale, vacant house for sale, he finds the front door open and a screw driver on the ground. Drawing his weapon, he proceeds inside to investigate. Out back, he discovers, lounging naked by the pool, a young man, played by Kurt Wild, a beautiful smooth bottom boy with a perfectly proportioned tightly muscled and trim twink body, and an 8 1/2” thick juicy dick.... More
36  minutes
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In another `ride along,` two under cover vice officers, played by 10` thick-dicked, versatile, Abercrombie looks model Carter Longway and the ruggedly handsome blonde haired, blue eyed, lean smooth bottom Riley Scott, are going undercover to a local public men’s restroom where there have been complaints of public lewdness. Riley is more experienced, but Carter is the young gun here, a rookie about to undertake his first actual assignment. The assignment is to impersonate horny men looking for some action. The officers enter the restroom but find it empty. Officer Riley briefs Rookie Carter on some of the finer rules of cruising, instructing Carter to stand at the urinal, pull out his cock and start stroking it.... More
47  minutes
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As the sun begins to go down, we’re on patrol again with superhung twink top Officer Ford (Austin Grant.) Austin receives a call about a disturbance at a football field. Arriving there, he tries to break up a fight, between two football players, one played by twink bottom, swimmer type, Jesse Zane, and the other by handsome, 8” endowed bodybuilder bottom, Drew Peters. Austin quickly finds himself in the middle of the fight. Once he gets it under control he orders them both to calm down and to take their dispute into the locker room. He leads the two players into the empty locker room, where he makes them face each other. They reveal that they are fighting over a girl. The two try to renew the fight, but our young gun Austin has had enough!... More
44  minutes
`Young Guns` offers up a not-to-miss 3 hour excursion into the steamy sexy hardcore world of cops and criminals who use each other to indulge their man lusts and dick desires. These guys are young, hung and ready to cum for you. Come on and whip out your weapon with us and shoot!

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