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Tony Buff`s Twinks With Kinks

Tony Buff`s Twinks With Kinks
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  • Domination
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128 min

Tony Buff

    all models over 18    
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Alex Andrews

Armond Rizzo

Doug Acre

Joey Cooper

Tyler Sweet

Chase Young
Michael Phoenix

A stash of porn magazines offers erotic distraction for pups Joey Cooper and Alex Andrews. But, while Alex feasts his eyes on the mag, he notices that Joey`s gaze is fixed on cocks. Alex thinks that`s cool, but you can see the wheels spinning in his head, that he can turn this to his sexual advantage. Alex pulls out his uncut cock and starts stroking it. Joey looks, but doesn`t touch, so Alex orders him to suck it. Cupping his hand behind Joey`s neck, Alex rams Joey`s gullet until there`s nowhere left to go. They pause to tear off t-shirts. Their twink torsos are lean and their appetites are hungry. Smooth Joey`s lips work their magic on furry Alex`s demanding dick until the saliva pouring down Joey`s chin matches the steaming load of jism Alex spews across his face
19  minutes
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We see Alex Andrews` lightly furry pecs and hear the sound of flesh slapping flesh before we see smooth young Joey Cooper bent over the sofa. Joey is naked and Alex is plundering his hole with a string of anal beads the size of golf balls. Joey`s pale buns turn red as Alex slaps, telling him "take it, take it," then jamming another bead in. Joey arches his back and tugs on his balls as Alex works to insert every inch of the string of beads into Joey`s high, round buns. That accomplished, Alex grabs a black dildo that`s twice the diameter of the beads. Joey gasps as it breaches his sphincter muscles, but Alex won`t be deterred. He jiggles the toy, pushing it two inches in for every one inch back, rotating it at the same time. Joey can`t take any more -- he needs to cum, so Alex lovingly massages his prostate with two fingers while Joey jerks out a thick load of cream, licking the last drops of his fingers.
16  minutes
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Chase Young is anxious to show Michael Phoenix his mama`s riding crop. Michael wields it like a guy who`s done this before. His heavily inked torso, shaved head and multiple piercings give him a menacing look of authority that`s amplified when we see the bear claws branded above his pecs. He orders Chase to strip, revealing his thin body and hairy legs. The only article of clothing Chase does not remove is his underwear, which don`t cover his ass. Chase grovels, with his face planted in Michael`s crotch. His pale skin blooms pink and red as Michael flicks the crop across his bare back and buns. Satisfied that Chase has been good enough, Michael lets him suck his cock. That smooth cylinder of flesh sliding down Chase`s throat helps to erase the pain. Michael orders Chase to stand and now Michael is the one to suck. Chase quickly cums in thick gobs all over Michael`s face.
14  minutes
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The moans we hear are coming from Chase Young. He`s on an abandoned bed in a dim basement, on his hands and knees. His upraised buns are the brightest thing in the room, and they are being kneaded and spread by Michael Phoenix, whose tongue is buried deep. Michael is a guy you might cross the street to avoid. He`s got a tough guy strip of hair, he`s heavily tattooed and there`s enough metal in his face to deflect a compass. He`s the polar opposite of smooth, pale and cute Chase, who looks like he sings in a boys` choir -- except for the chorus of "fuck, yeah," and "eat that ass" coming from his lips. When he`s had his fill, Michael lies on his back for Chase to give his hairy body a tongue bath. Chase takes time to lick the soles of Michael`s feet and suck every toe. Michael lies stroking his cock. When he reaches the point of no return, he jumps up and shoots a hot, wet load into Chase`s face, then licks it off.
15  minutes
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Armond Rizzo has the body of a gymnast, with smooth, olive skin. He`s naked, tied up to the ceiling by silken red cords around his wrists. His feet just touch the bench below him. Doug Acre strides across the room with a huge tent in his gym shorts, grabs Armond`s uncut cock and sucks it. Doug`s deep chest has a light scattering of hair. Armond pants and sways, but does not speak as Doug steps out of his trunks. Doug teases Armond`s cock, using two fingers to move the foreskin back and forth and his lips to tease the head. In a sudden movement, Doug grabs Armond behind both knees and lifts his legs into the air. Armond swings freely from his restraints as Doug tongue-dives into his hole. Letting Armond`s feet touch ground again, Doug once more attends to sucking him, inhaling it deeply and stroking as he sucks, edging Armond closer and closer to orgasm. Armond`s cries and whimpers become louder and faster, but Doug walks away telling him, "You`re not allowed to cum.
15  minutes
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Doug Acre and Armond Rizzo are stark naked. Doug`s expanding cock hangs heavily between his legs. Armond is kneeling, his thighs spread wide, his hole enlarged from the work of Doug`s fingers and tongue. Armond is compact and muscular, with deep olive skin that contrasts with Doug`s light coloring. Doug spanks Armond`s butt, which is so firm it barely quivers; he wants to see Armond`s ass turn red. He chews Armond`s buttocks as he warns, "I`m gonna fuck you so hard." Doug makes good on his promise with deep, rapid strokes that make his abs ripple. When fully hard, Doug`s cock is over 9 inches. Switching to a sit-fuck lets Armond display his tight musculature and meaty thighs. He tugs his foreskin and massages his taint while he bounces and gyrates on Doug`s cock. Doug holds his ankles, as if to prevent escape. When he`s ready to shoot, Doug tells Armond to get on his knees. Doug aims his jizz to coat Armond`s face, then he face-fucks him while Armond jacks off onto the floor.
17  minutes
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Tyler Sweet is tied to the corners of a bed by his wrists and ankles. He`s naked, and hard. His muscles contract and relax as he tests the strength of his bonds. Doug Acre stands beside the bed, his pants riding low enough to show the top two inches of his crack. The shadows produced by the dungeonlike lighting make Doug`s sculpted abs stand out. He bends over to tickle Tyler: armpits, rib cage, balls, the soles of his feet. Tyler squirms and writhes helplessly, but his restraints prevent him from repelling his tormenter. Doug climbs on the bed and straddles his victim as he increases the intensity of the tickle torture. Tyler screams and his body reddens as he pleads with Doug to stop. Doug ceases to tickle Tyler, untying the ropes in order to fuck him. Tyler`s moans never stop as Doug poles him on his belly and on his back. Tyler blasts out a load that leaves streaks from navel to chin, then Doug ties him up again.
21  minutes
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Doug Acre is in the process of tying Tyler Sweet`s hands behind his back. Then he orders Tyler to kneel and suck him. Doug`s hand on the back of Tyler`s head provides the added thrust needed to get every one of Doug`s 9+ inches down Tyler`s throat. Tyler gasps and his saliva flies. Some of it runs down his pecs. Doug throws his head back in erotic satisfaction, running his hands over the hard planes of his lightly furred chest. He continues to feed cock to Tyler and to push Tyler`s head onto his cock to ensure the deepest penetration possible. Tyler sucks like he`s afraid to let go, begging Doug to "give me your load." He gets his wish in the form of a facial cum-basting that leaves him dripping with Doug`s jism. Doug licks some of the spooge off of Tyler`s face and they snowball it.
10  minutes
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Enter the sexual underworld of Tony Buff`s Twinks With Kinks. Desire restrained increases kinky rewards as seven young guys explore their sexuality beyond the bounds of sucking and fucking. When all the holes have been filled, curiosity leads these hot youths to experiment, and Raging Stallion`s resident kinkster, Tony Buff, knows exactly how to quench their kind of thirst. Alex Andrews, with a fresh crop of chest hair, meets cute Joey Cooper on a set that`s part dungeon, part man cave. A stash of old porn mags clues Alex that Joey likes cock, so he turns that to his advantage, expanding Joey`s anal horizons with big boys` toys and extracting a lusty blow job. When coy Chase Young finds a riding crop, his dom buddy Michael Phoenix demonstrates its use in a tryst that mixes corporal punishment and foot worship. Hot top Doug Acre puts two twinks with kinks through their sexual paces. He ties up muscle hunk Armond Rizzo from the ceiling and edges him mercilessly with sucking and rimming but not letting him cum until after his monster cock samples Armond`s ass. Then he ties down Tyler Sweet for tickle torture and a deep face-fucking that tickles Tyler`s tonsils. Tony Buff`s Twinks With Kinks could teach even the oldest dog new fetish tricks.

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